The Golden Bow

Approaching Wahatoya near La Veta, CO(Healing Movement Meditation)

The Beacon of Love pulsing throughout creation

The Golden Rule in Motion

teaching us to treat others

the way we wish to be treated

balancing harsh opposites into

the Unity of Love


As we gently sway from side to side

we flow into the loving loops of Infinity

then swing back into the Center-pointe of our beings

We flow between the nurturing Breasts of the Earth,



This golden ribbon emerges from the heart, forgiving ourselves

forgiving all others, releasing all the traps of

obligation and Karma

setting us free to the wisdom that there is

nothing to forgive in the first place

We are all in this together, playing our roles

knowing that all things happen for the Good.


Swaying from side to side,

let go of the lie of separation and fear.

Contrast and polarity were simply tools to

deliver us into the Unity of Loving Presence

Embrace your pain and your suffering

for only then can you release it

Know that pain was a message from Spirit to return to Source

The blackened shadows that haunt us are

only Orphaned Aspects of Love

shattered and bleeding within us,

asking with their attacks

to be re-directed back into Spirit’s Light

Hug them back into the Wholeness of your Heart

Redeem them into the Oversoul of Christ


Swaying within the Golden Light tinged with Rose,

 Let go of the anger that arose out of duality and contrast.

 Let go of the illusion of harm of self, harm of other

and the effects of guilt, shame and not good enough

Come into the neutral balance of the Heavenly Heart

Remember now the loving strength of your Spirit


   We don’t have to play this game anymore.

Are you ready to let yourself off the hook?

Heaven is within us NOW.

Not in the illusion of past or future.

 Heaven is our true state of Being

pulsing the Heart within us NOW.

We are always and forever connected to Source and each other.

The Secret of the Golden Bow:

 ~We Are Each Other~

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