Los Angeles

City of Angels.  Many would say, “Angels here?, hell no!”  Well, this place is flooded with them.  This area is an Angel Portal.  Why would this be?  This place has the most homeless in the entire country.  This place has the most polluted air in the country.  This place is a Gangland Paradise.  This place is home to Hollyweird elitists and narcissists.  This place is Hookerville to the endth degree. This place is pedophile heaven. But this place is also the most progressive, innovative and socially conscious areas of the planet. This place is One big asset to Humanity as well as one stinking challenge.  People come here to get “shook up” earthquake-style.  If you want to find out who you really are this is the place to come.  There is much to be had here.  If you want to grow spiritually this is the place.  Your spirit will be challenged to the Core and if you make it through the dark corridors of cults, inequality, racism and every nasty you can think of, your light will shine brighter than any pristine, heavenly place anywhere.

I really think the bravest of the brave live here.  Hungry, suffering, disoriented, drugged into oblivion, shittin and dyin on the streets, the homeless are The Angels.  These Angels have their work cut out for them, teaching us humans to grow big and learn compassion. Teaching us to see everyone as brothers and sisters so we can live not only for ourselves but ultimately for each other. Three homeless individuals die daily in L.A. County. This is not acceptable.  If anyone is going to WAKE UP here, it’s gonna be dazzling. Let’s lift up each other for we are nothing without each other.

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