Ring of Fire Activation

It really feels like this ring is activating.  My body feels compressed.  Head and body aches.  In June I felt like July would bring an earthquake to Southern California.  On July 4th we had one in Kern County and felt it in L.A.  I was holding onto the kitchen sink feeling nauseous as it rolled through.  A week ago I felt that late December to early January would bring another to this area.  Backing away from the Earth I see openings in the Earth’s crust like this inner light from the Core of Mother Earth is trying to break out of the tight skin housing humanity.  A few months back I saw huge lights above Wahatoya and was among them only to be slammed back into my body.  We have friends: ET’s, guides, angels monitoring us, guiding us to take the organic path of life. Collectively, the planet, the animals, the foliage, humanity want Freedom from all the manipulating influences trapping us in fear and violence.  Could this physical reality, this school house be lightening up?  Could this really be happening.  I hope so.  2020.  Will this be the year we carve a firm path for freedom from fear, manipulation, harsh judgments and the addiction of technology and AI?  Those tools of learning have no real life, only apathy and separation from our sovereign souls.  We have learned from the darkness of amnesia and woken up so many times to just fall asleep again.  Enough is enough.  There are those who have not learned from the tool of opposites, have not preferred the light over the dark of amnesia.  I have been one of them.  This tool will become obsolete and I know this because I’m feeling aversion to any control and manipulation and a deep fatigue as well.  I have trust that we can step off the wheel of rebirth and karma into a new framework.  Or maybe I am finally just finally preferring love over its lack…. and the tool of opposites has come to completion for me.

The framework of the Golden Bow is to return us to God,  to our connection to the divine, to our own Godliness.  It is time to go beyond the returning to just being the Source.  That involves no movement, no path to follow.  It is simply a choice.  Will we lose our individual soul sovereignty.  I think not.  Not if we don’t want to. There is no reason to fear becoming Source and losing our soul signature.  The signature is an infinite gift from Source and cannot be erased.  But at some point some will desire to merge with Source, identify more with All That Is than its signature without losing the latter.

My wish is that we have small to medium shakings to avoid massive loss of life.  Waking up doesn’t need to be dramatic and traumatic.

The Light of our Love is breaking free.  This is a good thing.  Allow the breaking open so that infection may drain and the soul may emerge into worlds where the natural world sing and trees dance over the land roaming like wild things. The lamb will lie with the lion and the human will shepherd and guard the sanctity of the divine.

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