Do you want to feel good?

I want to suggest a very simple formula for feeling good.  Especially now when social structures are being wiped away, economic structures are crumbling, must I go on?  Now, only the people with their hearts still open if only a crack, will get this.

KINDNESS AND PRESENCE = The formula for feeling good

You have to be present to notice 6 feet of distance from another person when you are out and about in the world.  You have to have a heart that’s open if only a crack. Notice the kindness there.  Above your mask you have eyes that can emanate kindness and others will notice it and feel that healing energy.

If you have heart, being kind and present fills you with a swelling of silent joy.  From there there is so much one can do to contribute to the well-being of other brothers and sisters from a different mother.  Doesn’t matter how big or small the contribution…

let your eyes smile out upon the world.  Now that’s a good contagion.

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