Messages from the Chrystalene Collective

In 2005 I started receiving downloads of The Golden Bow Healing Movement Meditations while living close to Wahatoya also known as the Spanish Peaks: The Breasts of the Earth. I asked the source’s name and received the above title for this blog. I felt their energy as ancient and original. They are an organic, living template consciousness who do not incarnate into 3rd dimensional realms. They can cluster within Source Portals: people and land formations. I lost their original communications. A lovely one is how teachers (as they presented themselves to me) would eventually become our students. They are genuine consciousness that seed themselves within organic playgrounds. They have a kind of stiff humor to their transmissions.

1.) They warned of fires, floods, hurricanes, eruptions and earthquakes but specifically said that each person would be in their proper locales even if those locales were in quote “dangerous areas” designated by what many new age practitioners were preaching. “There will be pockets of safety everywhere” ~ Yendys of the Chrystalenes. People, animals and tree beings that lose their lives due to these earth changes have pre-chosen to do so and it is part of their Soul Plans. Colorado has long been touted as a safe location to migrate to. Along the Front Range it is heavily militarized and many groups of a low vibration live underground. There- fore at this time of upheaval I would avoid this area unless you are “called”. The Earth is rising into the higher energies that are flooding our galaxy. The fields must be dug up and readied for a future peaceful sowing. As a side note, Wahatoya has no appetite for worship and throngs of devotees. She holds the space for Source Energy. Her space is guarded and protected by loving galactic families.

2.) They warned of the False Light. Beings and institutions that pretend to be something they are not. You will feel the ego and control that they exert beyond the pretense of Love they try to emanate. They will ask for your allegiance, your organic power.

My personal observation is that the False Light is within all life here in this dimension. It grows larger if punished or ignored. It is a pseudo beingness created by fear, pain, abuse and anger. Each human must do the inner work of re-claiming these orphaned aspects of Love. How? By listening to their cries to be heard, understood and yes, accepted. Their communications can come across as attacks. They will dissolve in the Hug of your Heart. The light of the Divine Realms that is held in our hearts can heal and dispel the darkness of separation, mis-understanding, and mis-takes.

We must stop the cycle of defining people (and E.T.’s) by the us and them dichotomy. We are all One and We are all Us. We are all at different levels of consciousness and light quotients and that is part of our ability to “Grow God”. We are all learning how to “grow God”. We are all at different grade levels but eventually all will graduate. I’m tired of hearing about those damn, ugly reptilians and archons and such. They were part of the plan to ignite and prefer the higher lighted realms and now too they are on a subatomic level being renewed by these divine energies flooding our realm. Sure, it looks alot like chaos and mayhem, things need to be stirred up and aired out before there is a place where peace can be planted, nurtured and grounded into a sustained viability.

Dare to question and think and feel outside of the box.

And as I always say, “Give your power away to no one, no thing, no ideology, religion, belief system, institution blah, blah, blah. Love won’t ask for it.

You will know if something has the divine essence in it by the way it makes you feel. That power won’t ask for yours.


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