2020 U.S. Election

Back in 2016, it was early in the day and I was watching Trump talking on NBC. His energy was freshly unpolitician compared to superior Queen Clinton. As he was talking early on Election Day, I was struck with the huge knowing that he would win. I didn’t vote for either the dems or the publicans yet I was certain he would win.

As of today I am not feeling any of that certainty. I feel the dark underbellies of both parties as they demonize each other, clucking the rhetoric of their common Puppet-master.

We are in a time of the Great Break-up. Everything is being broken up or broken down and examined. This country is on the verge of radical eruption regardless of which party wins the election. Therefore, I am envisioning Loving-Kindness. It is messy. I don’t see the calm of Ghandi-like protests. But I do feel waves of a higher energy washing over us bringing awakening to more and more.

May we all come together, listen and work with each other. Let us walk the Reverence Road, awakening together. One day, a world where we do no harm.

We must be vigilant for the False Light Politicians that will promote isolationist Nationalism or the 1984 One World Order of obedient Borgdom. It is easy for intelligent idealists to fall prey to the philosophical slogans of each Party. We need a break-away coalition of minds free from the two party system where narcissistic elites pull the strings. We must put our focus on the well-being of Humanity and not the subjugation of it.

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