Do Not Fear

Technology is a funny thing. It can expand our physical, mental and emotional horizons and aid in Spiritual Connection (Zoom being used to bring together online Spiritual Communities).

But it can also be used to encapsulate a being who separated from its organic essence (LOVE). Such a spirit-soul composite can survive only so long as a tech-nified being separated from feeling, empathy, compassion and the dance of organic beingness.

The more people embrace life and live without fear, deception and the demonization of their “enemies”, the more they will embody the solutions of a light-filled society.

The people who embrace fear and create the “us and them” scenarios begin to shrivel up into the deep sleep of unconscious infinity. This denial of the loving source of their very being creates an inability to FEEL. At this stage of separation from Love, violence to others isn’t so abhorrent.

Viruses will be manipulated, monitoring of citizens through their Smart Devices and implanted chips will be implemented. Unhealthy emissions from our devices will be used to make us sick and more controllable.

How do we deal with this encroachment on our basic human rights? BE AWARE. Say no and vote in compassionate, awakening people to represent us. Embrace the Source within us. When you do, you awaken to be able to sense the lower vibrations of beings bent on controlling you. The old, frail man who controlled the Land of Oz became impotent when Dorothy threw back the curtain hiding him from the Kingdom. Dorothy then awoke from the Dream of the Puppet Master. The lower vibrations cannot thrive in the transparency of the Light.

As more and more people choose Loving Kindness and connection, only then can the disconnected begin to sense the value and immense relief of re-connecting to their Source. The Awakened create a powerful resonant energy field, a confluence of joy that in itself awakens the sleepers.

Returning to Love is available to us all because we all come from it.

Each of us can catalyze this return by growing God in our own hearts first. This will give us the “sight and discernment” to uncover the wounds that cause violence and in so doing healing can begin with our compassionate response.

We all are disconnected to some degree but the ones aware of it and feel the yearning and desire to return to love can lead the way for others to feel their way back to their Source.

Every experience in life is a blessing, an opportunity to heal.

Therefore, do not fear.

“You are a blessing and everything you have ever lived is a blessing.” ~Dominique Petit, Dancer and Choreographer Extraordinaire~

Dominique and me at the Anta Theater, N.Y.C.-1972

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