Sometimes It’s Good to be Unhealed

Sometimes it’s good to be unhealed.

Sometimes the only way to heal someone is to have some unhealed issues yourself.  This universe really has thought this one out.  

I think we are perfectly juxtaposed to each other in our relationships purposely with deliberate intention by a Force beyond our human understanding.  We are set up to evolve.  Ok, let me get to the point. I live with my daughter who has a partner who is an Ex-Con with ADD. (Lucky me) 

One afternoon recently he started to invite his friend in the house to play video games without a mask.  Yes, I’m probably immune due to my Thanksgiving Dance with Covid but I was driven to make the guy go to his car to don his mask. My daughter’s boyfriend told the guy he didn’t have to get the mask after I asked him to do so just to make sure because we don’t know much about the virus.  He was pissed that I was standing up for myself.  Knowing some of his belief systems and his macho tendencies regarding women, I got triggered after he strutted around like a rooster getting in my face, asking me why I was making a big deal out of it.  (Christ Consciousness…not in this lifetime!)  I drew my bow and arrow, aimed and hit all the wounds I knew still festered.  Later I felt bad that I had attacked him verbally. (When the Ascension Train comes in, will the door  close on me?) 

Ultimately, I met him at a level he could understand and he figured it’s too messy to mess with me.  Afterwards, he treated me deferentially and lo and behold got a job to contribute to the Tribe. 

So, while I  bite my nails and fret about attaining Christ Consciousness, my meltdown served a purpose.  My daughter’s boyfriend evolved a bit, healed a bit then what about me?

I have to get to a point where I can stand up for myself in non-reactionary mode. (I can hear Jesus of Nazareth’s soft, gentle laughter in the background.)  He, Himself, showed anger, spilling the coins of the money-changers in the Temples.

Sometimes it takes being a little unhealed in order to catalyze healing in others and vice-versa. This Macho Man with a “record” tested my ability to respond peacefully yet firmly in a positive way and boy did I fail or did I?

Nobody fails at life.

Where-ever we are in our journey home, we are perfectly placed in our unhealed brilliance to assist others and accept assistance on our walk home together.

A friend of mine once said that “Our Higher Selves are already Ascended.”  I feel that this might be right.  Is there a part of our Self that already sits in a flowery meadow with Jesus sharing “the Wisdom of the Christ” within our embrace? 

There is no time, ultimately.  Does that mean we can be both healed and unhealed simultaneously. 

Doesn’t the Wound lead to the Healing?

Maybe there isn’t anyone or anything to forgive in the first place.

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