We Are the Prayer

If you know that everything

is happening for the highest good,

if you know all experience supports

the highest good, bringing enlightenment

into all situations, if you know that every

scene in the Play of Life gives one

the opportunity to PREFER a more

peaceful stage to play upon, a more

loving outcome as we tread more lightly

and playfully upon the bedrock of

the Earth Mother.


If we know that we are returning Home

with every step that is taken by this

collective we call Humanity,

we need not pray.


The Heart of Source God is

the Un-prayer.

The Heart of Source breathed us,

prayed us into being and began to beat.


We Are the Prayer,

the Heart-beat of Source


so even as we stumble,

on purpose or by accident,

We Are the Prayer,

all of us, bar none.


Think about it.

Hope and Faith

require a belief that

without them we

cannot return to



We are already there. 

We never left.

We thought we did but

that was illusion. 


We Are the Prayer.

No need to pray,

to be heard,

to plead on one’s knees,

to have hope,

to have faith.

We are the Prayer.

Stand up then and fly.

We are free.

Religions ask us to pray.

To be heard and saved

by their god.

There is nothing and no one

to save. 


We Are The Prayer.

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