Covid is just the beginning


I am feeling a forboding wave of energy coming off the Pacific ocean. California, get water and some granola bars ready. 2021-2023 is going to have some shaking going on. Already during Covid people have been migrating out of the big cities.  And yet the powers that be will make it difficult to live away from cities. The new administration is poking China and Russia in the ribs. It will just escalate the simmering animosity. I sense just a big dark cloud hovering over the I-25 especially Colorado Springs and Denver. Never liked the dark murals at the Denver Airport or the hives of military. Be brave, prepare to offer help to others. Seams are splitting. And Covid is not over. It’s just the beginning.


03/22/2021: Two days after I wrote the above, there was a shooting at King Sooper’s in Boulder, Northwest of Denver.

04/5/2021:  I woke up to the jerk of an earthquake at 4:44 AM here in California. It was a 4.0 magnitude centered 1 mile from Lennox, CA. Apparently it was also felt in Mexico. A M 3.0 was also recorded at 4:15 AM.

04/06/2021: Stabbing on Denver’s Auraria Campus leads to lockdown.

04/08/2021: Mandatory shelter in place issued in Boulder, CO following reported bomb threat.

04/12/2021 : I am sensing that many are becoming “unglued”, much is coming up for healing, what we do with “our stuff” will manifest as more violence, insanity or will manifest in our lives as a search for truth and healing.


California, get ready for some shake and bake. Then some more shake. Not just in Cali, in unforseen places in the U.S. and around the world. The Earth is dismantling.

09/14/2022: A 4.4 earthquake occurred near Santa Rosa, California today and a 4.4 occurred in the San Francisco Bay area yesterday. I’m hoping that we will get a few, scattered mid-range earthquakes that will not take lives and do major damage to structures rather than catastrophic ones. I’m getting the feeling this is the case but a repeat of the magnitudes of the Northridge 1994 earthquake and the Loma Prieta earthquake which occurred in the San Francisco area in 1989 could easily manifest at any time now and they caused loss of life and major damage.

10/20/2022 : Three earthquakes caused some minor shaking  around Geyserville, CA a couple hours North of San Francisco yesterday evening.  Earlier yesterday, I was letting my mind take a break from my daily routine when I got the message that Northern California will be having some shaking going on and not to worry about SoCal. At least for the short term. Hmmm…we will see won’t we.

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