Wahatoya: Breasts of the Earth
There I was at my cabin in the Wahatoya. I was dreaming. I was at the front door. A figure approached. At first I thought it was my Dad who was coming back after gathering the ancient rocks of the region. It was a young man who approached. With a gentle smile. He was familiar so I invited him in. As he sat down and I turned off the DvD Lindy was watching, he aged. 
He spoke:
The Ancient Tribes are gathering. They are welcoming home their members. We are firmly now in the time of the dismantling. All tangles will find a straight line, a clear path, for all else will fall away. I have come to you, Yendys to notify you It has begun.

Brother Josias: The New Earth has been prepared. I have notified you.
Yendys:  So it is happening now?
Josias: Yes. 
Yen: What do I tell my people?
Josias: To follow their hearts. Let go of the fear, the knots, the guilt. Accept and surrender to the Light you see beyond the cave walls. Walk away from the chaos.
Yen: Will you listen and follow through this time, Lynn?
Sydney Lynn: Honestly, I don’t know. I will try. I miss you and Josias. I miss the cabin. I miss the peace. But the knots in others, am I not to undo them?
Yen: They must do that for themselves. You must not breathe in their chaos and sacrifice yourself. Accept and surrender to the peace of your Soul.
Sydney Lynn: Is that what I’m here for?
Josias: Yes.
Sydney Lynn: I will not leave myself behind this time.

One thought on “10:03:21

  1. Reminds me of the story of the Buddha’s tangke with demons or spirits of chaos. He points down to the earth as an expression of (I think) his mission here and his own sovereignty. When he did this the earth was said to shake because of its grounding power and truth. You just did the same I think.

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