Dance! Transform a Punishing World

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Freedom in a world of duality does not exist. Democracies proclaim more freedom than an authoritarian regime but you break the rules, you pay for the crime with your personal sovereignty.  Kindness is shown but only after judgments are made. But true kindness may lie only in the hearts of children and animals before they suffer abuse.  There may be some aboriginal peoples who practice Ubuntu but I don’t know how sustainable that even is.
As the Civil War which never ended in the U.S. coils like a snake beneath the surface of a sub-civilized westernized society, humanitarians strive to upgrade our world from an eye for an eye mentality to the Golden Rule mentality. It’s hard to do when your leaders have mental illnesses and fear has their finger on the nuclear buttons.
Now that the rabid ego has run amok catalyzing the need to calm, heal and unify the collective psyche, we must emerge as a race of humanitarians that can find solutions to the virus of fear. We can elevate our consciousness to hold conscience as a dear and loved attribute. Ego, mental illness will snuff humanity out if we don’t heal our two-headed dragon like minds.
Putin is showing up now to ask each one of us what kind of world we want to live in. We must choose. A punishing world…you can see it just about in everything. Or will you choose a compassionate, empathic, unified world where you seek to heal, not shame, blame and punish errors. 
In 1971, 1972 I danced with the Paul Sanasardo Dance Company in NYC. Very few were looking at the pain in the world in the way Paul did. American families just swept the trauma under the rug and went amnesiac. He slapped you across the face with it. He even had a ballet named PAIN. His dancers were wounded, anxious or downright mean. There were a few of them who moved on. I know I did. Good thing about Paul: he showed us what we were hiding from in ourselves.
Find it. Face it. Heal it and find the pure gentle being of your soul. You deserve that.
Paul Sanasardo: “When you dance, you cannot hide.”
Me: “When I dance I am a cluster of God molecules swerving and curving through space.”

Yen (my Oversoul): “The body is the temple where Self embraces Source. Let it dance.”

Stop the punishment. It’s time for the wall-flowers to stand up and dance!
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