Heavenly Beings

Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

We are the Heavenly Beings

we have been waiting for.


Within the quarky spaces

of the most invisible places

the Beings of the Core soar

like lightening bugs on

the humid cusp of an

interior twilight.


I can’t tell you when these Beings

decided to unfold out of

the bound seed of Infinity

because Time only exists here at the surface.


I just know that rippling waves of light

started to giggle

then the stomach of the universe

started to hurl its contents out of itself

onto the lips of you and me and they

tasted through you and me then there was


only One Heavenly Being tasting,

giggling, flying, walking, seeing,

feeling the seed become a heart

pounding, pulsing, fluttering, dripping

into the wound of creation.


Wounds when they heal

realize Love.

Wounds grow God.


It took a lot of courage for the Core

to feel.


The Core erupts, emerges

from our mouths, through the sticks

of our limbs, breaking them into

something liquid,

something that flows

like a river dancing,

carving out a creation it can inhale

and exhale finally being

able to sense



We expanded into forgetting

then remembering



We are coming in,

in droves,

stumbling, tripping,

balancing upon a pin-point.

We bring a tender forgiveness.



there is nothing to forgive.

Let go

of the wound.

Everything heals and

the Heart Torus

expands to hold it.


We are

the We of the Oneness.

We are the Heavenly Beings

we have been waiting for.

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

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