Covid Pizza

Here I am, curling up or stretching out, with a pulse oximeter on my left forefinger as I take a nap with Covid for the 2nd time, either Omicron, BA.4 or 5. This one hit me pretty hard. I am on day 7 needing to pass out from the countless demands of processing survival in this world. Oxygen level fluctuates from 94 to 97 when I started out with a 98. Really, not bad at all. As I slip into an in-between world a dream starts to form and I say “no” rolling over on my side. My cat gets fully appreciated, getting meowed to and stroked and finally she pounces off onto a toy. I see the cutest face form before me, young with piquant features that remind me of the Jane Austen girls.

Puffily lips open and say to me:

You can breathe better a couple of inches off of the floor.

Me: Uh, ok.

So, turning to lie on my back in a daze, she is still there above me and to her left is her brother who is also her lover in a parallel life. Too much information I think, rolling my swollen eyes.

Me: Ok. I take a slow breath and I say to her, Oh, you trying to tell me that you died in a fire?

She nods.

Me: Oh, ok.  I hear the name, Clora. Is your name Cloris?

Cloris: Yeah.

I get up slowly walking to the kitchen to heat up a slice of pizza in the micro.

Cloris: You know that you’re a medium. I’m here to remind you of that.

I hold her in my space as I ramble into the memory of the medium, Hollister Rand telling me I am not just a holder of the unconditional love vibration, I am a medium.

Good to know.

Good to know.

I hear Hollister saying to me:

That’s your job.

You infuse love into the world.

Me: Good to know. Good to know.

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