~Another amazing poem by poetess, Janice Walters~

They speak little to me

–those Twin Peaks of my heart,

standing as tall as they have ever been,

shrouded like a veiled woman in fog.

I, too, am silent;

making peace with past memories

and wrapping myself in a new love

and commitment to a fresh time and place.


The promise is strong–

that spring will come,

that my soul will be replenished,

that Wahatoya and I will both

find our voices again.

We will begin anew;

rediscovering our friendship,

and loyalty to Earth and Sky,

and the air between us.

The fog will lift.

The snow will cease to fall.

Under the mantle of the sun,

We will be dormant no more.

Janice Walters


May be an image of nature

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