The Christ Virus

Has anyone caught the Christ Virus, you know…the one

where you treat others the way you wish to be treated? 

I’m a hoping and a prayingcropped-fb_img_1489875135730695

I’ll catch that one.

But first I must be able to practice complete,

Radical Forgiveness of self and others.

I  must experience my inherent worthiness


I must intrinsically know that there is no one

more special or more worthy than another and

that every person has a special contribution that is

indispensable to the very fabric of life and what is.

There would be no Heart if just

one Heartbeat was missing.


I must fully be able to embrace my worthiness

before I can catch the Christ Virus. I must stop

worshipping my story of victimhood and abuse.

 I must return fully to the loving relationship I have

with Source God.

This Return to Love is why we are here.