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Courtesy of Amber Billings   “Tree Nymph”

In the created realms, we do experience a separation from God; a self -induced amnesia that we are separate from Source. And this separation was part of the plan. But why? The experience of re-unification with Source, of coming Home is so powerful it “grows God”.  Re-Unification brings a realized, visceral knowing of what Love is. Unless you have experienced what Love is not, you cannot really fully know what Love is.  Is Ego really the bad guy or is it simply the catalyst for you to re-unify with Source by showing you what Love is not.  So, I wouldn’t make ego the monster in the room.


Can you remember a time you had the thought that you knew better than the deepest, most intuitive part of you, that you could leave the deepest part of you behind and strike out in life on your own and be an island unto yourself?  I do. I was about 11 years old and I distinctly remember briefly entertaining the thought that I could be smarter than God.  That was a very real experience that helped me realize that no one lives in a vacuum and that we need each other. No one can evolve without the other. Life is about realizing the Love that we are by dancing with the elements of the Earth: blood, dirt, fur and feather. Mistakes are learning experiences that grow us upwards like stately trees with a root system intimately intertwined if we can just process the e-motions that catalyze growth by hugging them back into the wholeness of our hearts. Yes, hugging fear, doubt, guilt, shame, envy, etc. back into the Love that we are. These are the orphaned aspects of Love which need re-integration. This is how we take our power back from the nest of ego. We hug ego back into the Heart by facing these orphans that feed and create the ego. When we face them and how they were created through pain and separation then we can summon the courage to hug them back into wholeness knowing that no experience can take away our innate loving nature. Experience actually highlights the Love that we are. 


Our dreams are real. Life is real. Some religions say life is a dream. But if Source, you and me are real then every projection and creation is real.  Every emotion is real. Feel it. It helps you grow and evolve. Face your Fear. Grow from it. E-motions are energy in motion. They dance you through your growth steps. There is nothing in life to demonize as we all are immortal beings having a human experience.


So there are no illusions.

Source sees everything as Love. (EVERYTHING)

Love is real.


Physical Life is a blessing, not an illusion or dream to be awakened from. Spirit knows and feels love at the deepest levels through its interface with our gritty experiences. In duality the light is seen best in the darkness. It is from immersion in darkness that we reach for the light streaming in through a crack in our world of form. We begin to prefer the warmth of the love and comfort found there then begin to create a world that is filled with light and understanding. We evolve God when we hold Spirit’s hand guiding Her to the deepest levels of the Heart. Spirit is love. But Spirit feels its love through us. We realize Love for God.


Therefore, our lives have great purpose and honor. Go ahead, feel a tree. Feel its life force saying, “Hug me. I’m real and so are you.”  It’s all about energy. It’s all about vibration: Love coalescing into vibrant forms which look, feel and sound solid to us but are vibrating energy. When did vibrational energy become illusion? Holograms made from Source Energy are real. Creation in 3-D is a gift.


CREATION is not a mistake, not a fall from grace but a voyage through the seas of experience to bring Heaven to Earth, by realizing Love through us.

Some of us came to the Earth Plane from other dimensions, some came from other galaxies with the purpose of speeding up the evolvement of consciousness. Jesus of Nazareth was such a traveler. He came with a mission to “let ourselves off the hook”. He taught the way to do that and that was through radical forgiveness of others and radical forgiveness of ourselves. We are receiving assistance now from Source to align with the Core. The non-physicals are sending out the Big Hug encompassing the Earth Mother. Expect a breaking down of old systems of control and manipulation. The great leveling is in process. All events are supporting the greater good.


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