The Golden Bow Healing Movement Meditation



As you breathe gently through your nose.

Feel the pulse beat of your heart, peaceful and steady.

The Golden Bow is the Golden Rule in Motion

guiding us to treat others

the way we wish to be treated. 

Gently sway from side to side,

 etching a golden figure -eight with your shoulders and torso.

Feel harsh opposites and attitudes dissolve

into the love loopings of Intelligent Infinity

Picture the iridescent Golden Bow pulsing from within

the Core of the Twin Peaks of Mystic Mountain.

Allow yourself to flow between these nurturing

Breasts of the World, WAHATOYA

As you sway gently from side to side,

Feel the Golden Bow open up within your heart,

a beacon, a guidepost for all to gather in Love.

Feel this Rainbow River of Divine Light emerge from your heart,

forgiving yourself, forgiving all others,

releasing all the traps of

obligation and suffering,

setting us free to the wisdom that

there is nothing to forgive in the first place.

We are all in this together, playing our roles

knowing that all things inspire the greater good.

Swaying from side to side,

embrace your pain, 

for only then can you release it.

Let the tears of your experience wash the pain away.

Know that pain was a message from Spirit to return to Source.

The shadows that haunt us are

truly only Orphaned Aspects of Love,

Little children asking with their attacks

to be re-directed back into Spirit’s Light and Love.

Hug them back into the Wholeness of your Heart.

Be one with all that you fear.

Be one with all that you hate.

It is only in pushing them away

that they become enemies.

Swaying within this Rainbow River of Divine Light,  

come into the neutral balance of the Heavenly Heart.

Remember now the loving strength of your Spirit.

Let go of the people and events from the past and present who have served your highest good by playing the adversary, the villain, the dark angel in your life script you crafted before you were born.

Let them rise like colorful balloons into the sky of their greatest lessons and destiny.

Give them their freedom so when you do

you become FREE.

Settle into the sweet calm of your Heart.

We don’t have to play this game anymore:

this Earth Game of “learning through opposites”.

The Time of the Shift is upon us where we see that we are each other.

This quicksand experience of “Dog eat Dog”

is not meant to get trapped in or last forever.

It is an old lesson plan asking to be retired.

Has your heart finally broken open to hold compassion?

Are you ready to let yourself  off the hook?

The Pure Positivity of Love is within us, now.

Heaven is a state of being.

Embrace it now.

We are always and forever connected to Loving Presence and each other.

No matter how long and far the journey takes you,

No matter how many times you forget your way,

you always return to who you really are.

Let us walk forward together in reverence for all of life.

The Source within me salutes the Source within you.

Center yourself within the Mountain of Higher Self.

Hear the roar of your leonine ancestors rising in the mist off of


Speak Your Truth


When we come together in Loving Presence,

we become each other without losing 

our Soul’s unique signature

and our personal power.

This is the essence and the message of

The Golden Bow

This is the message of the Heart

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