The Fulcrum

The bipolar madness of the human mind
only exists in the realms of Creation.
The same for any kind of mis-ease or dis-ease.
The inner dimensions of Spirit
swirl and sing in the Heartland
loving unconditionally both
the shadows and the light of the mind.
The mind is the ragged playground
you chose before birth to experience and finally
learn not to choose sides,
to climb out of the belted seats
of highs and lows
to find the still fulcrum
within your heart
beating softly like a Newborn’s. 
Here you realize that all hearts are the same.
Here you are seen and heard and felt completely.
When the storms of life buffet you,
blow you off the GPS orbit
through the Sourcelands,
climb from your seat,
imbedded in Time
onto the Fulcrum, so still
in the eternal moment. 
The Great Mystery is you,
the observer
infusing the Stormland of Life,
with the ambrosia of Spirit.


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