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When Jayne talks about the flowers, the light emerging from them, it sparks a memory in me about how everything is lit from the inside out. I see all of us as Source Orbs lit from within, this light emerging from our crowns as if we were lanterns creating the writings on the walls of creation. What are we writing on the walls with lit fingers? When Jayne asked her last question, she is told the answer and that she won’t remember it when she comes back to her body. We are writing that answer on the walls of creation. Will we ever decipher it while in body? I think we are…


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tasting love

What is this gift of creation to the Spirit-lands? What is this tasting that ingests, then alchemizes experience into a love fully realized? What is this love that dribbles down the chin, pooling deeply in the crevices of collarbones where it dries in the sun, a sticky, felt love that shows Love itself what it is…

Love tasting itself.

Creation Spirituality

Courtesy of Amber Billings “Tree Nymph”

I have had limited contact with ACIM (A Course In Miracles) as I couldn’t get past

~life is an illusion~  ~life is a dream~  ~it didn’t really happen~  ~separation from God didn’t really happen~ 


Of course, separation from God never really happened BUT we did experience a separation from God on the 3D Earth Plane. And this separation was part of the plan.  Can you remember a time you had the thought that you knew better than the deepest part of you, that you could leave the deepest part of you behind and strike out in life on your own and be an island unto yourself? I do. I thought as a kid, “I can leave the rest of you knuckleheads behind.” That was a very real experience that helped me realize that no one lives in a vacuum and that we need each other. No one can evolve without the other. Life is about realizing the Love that we are by dancing with the elements of the Earth: blood, dirt, fur and feather. Mistakes are learning experiences that grow us upwards like stately Trees with a root system intimately intertwined if we can just let go of the true illusions that separate us, that of fear, guilt and shame.


Physical Life is a blessing, not an illusion or dream to be awakened from. Spirit knows and feels love at the deepest levels through its interface with our gritty experiences. In duality the light is seen best in the darkness. It is from immersion in darkness that we reach for the light streaming in through a crack in our world of form. We begin to prefer the warmth of the love and comfort found there then begin to create a world that is filled with light and understanding. We evolve God when we hold Spirit’s hand guiding Her to the deepest levels of the Heart. Spirit is love. But Spirit feels its love through us.


Therefore, our lives have great purpose and honor. Go ahead, feel a tree. Feel its life force saying, “Hug me. I’m real and so are you.”  It’s all about energy. It’s all about vibration: Love coalescing into vibrant forms which look, feel and sound solid to us but are vibrating energy. When did vibrational energy become illusion? Holograms made from Source Energy are real. Creation in 3-D is a gift.


CREATION is not a mistake, not a fall from grace but a voyage through the seas of experience to remember ourselves and realize ourselves as Love.


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Tribute to Living Angels

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I went in for my first check up at Presbyterian Inter-Community Hospital and the doctor told me how she cared for many Covid patients there. She is a resident M.D. and my grandfather, Sidney Wolferman, a doctor himself, would be happy I chose to see a resident. She didn’t say much but her body language showed me how being with hospitalized Covid patients as family would be with them in their last moments had carved her into a Living Angel. She was a bit tired of being patient with me as she went over what I needed to be treated for as they were hum-drum compared to “need a ventilator, now!” stuff. And yet, here, she was treating me, caring for me, someone who got Covid but had not been hospitalized….I could feel how she wanted to tell me how INTENSE her experience had been but words could not come close so I sat there much like a stone that needed to expand to show her that I didn’t know if I could be as courageous as her, probably not if I were being honest. Coming out of lock-down is rough, not knowing if you will have to go into lock-down again and knowing people, 9/11 amounts of people are still dying weekly……everyone is so weary now and so much needs to be rebuilt and in a better way. I can only hope my doc sleeps in on her days off now.
“A human being does not cease to exist at death. It is change, not destruction, which takes place.” ~Florence Nightingale~


And the Mountains Don’t Cry

WAHATOYA: BREASTS OF THE EARTH Courtesy of Jessicatarion Stayton

It’s raining in the Wahatoya now.

I remember the potent smells and aromas of the Earth aroused by the rain bringing the clean dirt alive with miles deep of Earth memories, shiftings of the land, magma flowing upwards to form the rock dikes that stream downwards from the Wahatoya.

I am there now, my body alive with the Earth’s exploding and imploding scents filling every cell within me. I am running up the hill behind my wooden cabin drenched in the rain, drenched in the thunder, drenched in my awakening senses. I am laughing and shouting and loving this place where scents leap out of the Earth.

It is snowing in the Wahatoya now.

All is silent and the scents are buried under glistening heaps of wetter than wet snow. Icicles threaten to crash into my windows, hanging craggily from the metal roof.  So beautiful. So dangerous… like Life.

I am lost in memories of children growing up far from me on the coast where waves wash up on laughing beaches.

Everything laughs or cries except the Wahatoya. They sit there in the perfect peace beyond human emotion. They do not join me in my self-judgment or my judgment of anything. They let me be: laughing in the rain or crying in the snow. They let me be.

The Wahatoya know that all is well, all the time. I have turned away from them for their indifference, their silence, their detachment, only to remember that it was me who was indifferent, silently separated and detached.

Now, back on the coast, near the waves and the whales, and the little humans playing in the sand: I think they must be my grandchildren…

I remember the Wahatoya, fully alive, pulsing upwards in peace. A strength that promises that pain and fear washes away in the rain. And even though I turned away from them for never crying with me, I was wrong. Their tears are the rain. And their tears wash the Land clean. They wash me clean of my pain and my fear. Their rumbling voice speak to all who can hear it, of the deepest levels of connection, joy and peace.

Growing God

187124131_10227009951145834_5095726021215687060_n (1)Trees can show us humans how to be. They can show us how to grow God.

“The thinner tree was cut years ago and the big one has been holding and feeding it since then. They “wake up” together in the spring and “go to sleep” together in the autumn.”  ~Steven Pacheco~


The thinner tree elicits a service to other response from the big one, drawing out compassion and a sense of oneness with the special needs tree, a sense of walking in another’s roots (albeit the thinner tree has none). In return the big one receives a big hug of companionship, gratitude and a new view of life. Now, that looks like love to me! It reminds me of my relationship with my daughter, Lindy who has Down Syndrome.