The God Molecule

May be an image of one or more people and indoor

We are all just a swarm of shaking, shimmering Source Orbs playfully bubbling out of warm springs and depth dens. We see each other as physical beings but really if you were to be seen by another species such as the fly you would look so very different from how we “see” each other.

We are divine, light energies shining an infinite spectrum of colours, sounds and scents, weaving in joy and peace, blowing resonant kisses of scented bliss. We are the supreme dancers of Spirit.

Living in 3D upon this apparent Earth World of solid, liquid and gas, we can forget that we densified into electrons darting around neutrons and protons, only being seen through electron microscopes. The vast energies hidden within the benign capsule of the atom tills and recycles our 3D world.

The Flow of the God Molecule is vastly different than the sluggish electron revolving around the nucleus and never being able to return Home. (Story of our plight in 3D). The Flow of the God Molecule follows the spirit path of the Figure Eight always returning Children of Spirit to Father and Mother Source. This is the pathway of the Spiritual Atom.

The God Molecule is comprised of the Trinity of Mother, Father, Child: Source as Feminine and Masculine, Mother God and Father God embraced within Spirit’s Nucleus. Funny thing is, Mother God and Father God are always changing places, exchanging roles, becoming each other in the Oneness of their “WE BEING”. We are the Children of Source Creator and carry the Source Seed. And like electrons we leap out into energy matrixes creating new vistas, playgrounds, densities and dimensions. As we dance we create new games that will GROW GOD. But unlike electrons who revolve and never come Home, the Family of Source never gets lost.

“Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream,

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.”

When I came to the Land of the Wahatoya, I was given a huge gift. She showed me that infinite Spirit danced an energetic figure-eight between her breasts offering Source to our earthly world.

She gave me a vision of us as Spirit Trees, Children of the Spirit are we and that we burst out of her ovary to choreograph her wisdom into the world. We loop out and sway into the curve of the figure eight like skate boarders defying time and space, creating, creating, creating, joy, joy, joy, tripping and falling, getting back up to be swept into the joys and sorrows of this world until having learned a love so deep from this Dance, we make the curve and head home on a trajectory that follows SPS (Source Positioning System), Spirit’s GPS that brings us back to the Core of our Essence. Our Spirit Path is a pulsing lemniscate that ensures our return to our Primal Nest.

This Spirit Atom in Motion creates a Spiritual Omniverse I call the God Molecule.

Thank you, Ms. Wahatoya for the gift I was destined to receive from you and pass on to our World.