The God Molecule

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The God Molecule

Living in 3D upon this Earth World of solid, liquid and gas, we can easily forget that we densified into electrons darting around neutrons and protons. The vast, inner sub-atomic energy templates hidden within the benign capsule of the atom is only now being barely understood.

The Flow of the God Molecule is vastly different than the sluggish electron revolving around the nucleus of the atom and never being able to return Home. (Story of our plight in 3D). The Flow of the God Molecule follows the spirit path of the Figure Eight always returning Children of Spirit to Father and Mother Source. This is the pathway of the Spiritual Atom.

The God Molecule is comprised of the Trinity of Mother, Father, Child: Source as Feminine and Masculine but WITHOUT DUALITY: Mother God and Father God embraced within Spirit’s Nucleus. Get a feel of that! Funny thing is, Mother and Father God are always changing places, exchanging roles, becoming each other in the Oneness of their “WE BEING”. We are the Children of this Source Nucleus and like electrons we leap out into energy matrixes creating new vistas, playgrounds, densities and dimensions. As we dance we create new games that will GROW GOD. But unlike physical electrons who revolve in lost orbits and never come Home, the Children of Source will always find their Spirit Path leading back Home if their Hearts remain open, even a tiny crack.

When I came to the Land of the Wahatoya, I was given a huge gift. She showed me that infinite Spirit danced an energetic figure-eight between her breasts offering Source to our earthly world. She is an ultimate manifestation of what occurs within the cells and synapses of all of life. When we simply walk, our hips swing in a figure eight motion. When we sway and shift our weight from side to side at a music concert, ribbons of figure eight energies emerge from us. There is nothing more natural.

As Children of Spirit we burst forth from Gaia to choreograph her wisdom into the world. We loop out and sway into the curve of the figure eight like skate boarders defying time and space, flipping, careening and swerving into joy, tripping and falling, rising back up to be swept into the joys and sorrows of this world until having learned a love so deep from this Dance, we make the curve and head homeward bound on a trajectory that follows SPS (Source Positioning System), Spirit’s GPS that brings us back to the Core of our Essence. Our Spirit Path is a pulsing Lemniscate/Torus that ensures our return to our Primal Nest.

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Source as Infinite Torus Heart

This Spirit Atom in Motion creates a Spiritual Omniverse I call the God Molecule. The Spirit Atom is the Golden Bow or the Golden Rule in Motion. (Treat Others the Way you wish to be treated.) The Spirit Atom of the Golden Lemniscate or Golden Bow expands by flowering its loopings then flipping over onto and into Itself. This motion creates an energetic Torus expanding infinitely INWARDS. These are the inner worlds of Heaven. This living template of the Spirit Torus then begins to dimensionalize itself outwardly into Creation, following an intense desire to fully know, feel and realize itself. The duality of Creation would prove to be the perfect school for this. The Spiritual Omniverse flows into dimensional existence through us, the animals, the mountains and streams feeling and growing from our experience. God or Source Heart creates through us. We are Torus Hearts in the flesh realizing love as we process experience. We are here to grow God, to actualize the Heart of God through the beating of our hearts here on Earth. Every time we choose: good or bad, strawberry or vanilla, save someone or let them drown, we grow God. But growth only comes from having the courage to choose. And especially, we grow God through our mistakes because that is how we learn to feel our way back to what truly feels good or God. We can’t feel good or God until we feel the absense of it. We can’t feel true, raw happiness until we feel its opposite. Many souls have chosen to move through Creation then will bring back the ambrosia of their experience to those who have stayed at Home. The ones who come to Earth are especially courageous for they become wounded healers bringing empathy and compassion back Home to the Inner Heavens. In the Heavenly, inner realms Unconditional Love is the air that we breathe. This love wanted to grow, imagining the possibility of a deeper love and in that infinite instant, Creation was spawned. And the ability to experience empathy and compassion was born.

We are the “We of the Oneness”. Each of us, a Torus Heart within the Torus Heart of Source God. The Pulse of the Heart allows for ONE and WE to exist simultaneously.

The physical universe is not a dismal dream unless we choose to disconnect from our root system buried deep in the living wisdom of our Earth Mother. We are all Pinocchio becoming Realized Humans by opening our Root Chakras to the Golden light of Gaia and to the resonant epiphanies at our Soul’s Core.

Thank you, Ms. Wahatoya for the gift I was destined to receive from you and share with our World.

Wahatoya: Breasts of the Earth