Orphaned Aspects of Love

There may be splits in a person’s psyche. Created by trauma, abuse in that person’s young life.  This creates separation from the Soul and therefore from Love.  With separation comes addictions and behavior problems: depression, anxiety, narcissism, psychopathy, OCD, among many others.  Add in social injustice and poverty and you have a stew of suffering.

Parts of everyone are the neglected and invisible orphan.  The damage and chaos swarm like nettles in the swamp lands of all pain swept under the rug.

There are groups of people who cannot help but believe there can be no hope from their victimization of hundreds if not thousands of years: Blacks and Browns, Women and children and even Whites, and even the unborn… the ones who live in the soup of generational poverty, the homeless, then there are the orphans who are often hated and despised for their psychological pathologies.

After all is said and done, ALL LIVES MATTER.

I was in therapy in 2012 in Walsenburg, Colorado at the Community Clinic for all the symptoms of PTSD from early Childhood Trauma having been triggered by choosing unhealthy relationships and living isolated with my disabled daughter.

Michelle my therapist said there were two types of people:  PLUGS AND RECEPTACLES.

PLUGS would plug into other people and drain their life energy because they couldn’t generate their own and RECEPTICLES were like eternal Springs, generating their own.  I would venture to say that the orphan within all humans would tend to plug into others. There are very few people who haven’t suffered separation from love in this world.  It is when the Orphan remembers its connection to Loving Presence and then begins to connect once again to the inspiration of Love that healing begins.

We must not penalize the orphans within or others who we project our damaged aspects onto.  We must embrace the healing of ourselves and of others if the human race will stay the course upon the planet.

Wahatoya (Huahatolla) is a Power Source portal in North America.  RECEPTICALS will add to and support this Earthly Spring.  But PLUGS will come and claim this POWER SOURCE PORTAL for their belief system, religion, philosophy, whatever, creating more separation.  Power is neither good or evil.  It is what you do with it that creates an either positive or negative effect.  It is a learning tool which guides you to eventually prefer Love over the absence of it.

I find it interesting that Wahatoya lies within the county in Colorado called Huerfano meaning Orphan.  So it seems, orphans are drawn here to either choose to remain separated or to aspire to climb into this eternal Spring of Love.

So Orphan Within, will you build yourself up with the love found within and be the RECEPTICLE, or will you remain the PLUG, siphoning off the energy of others?

Life really is a give and take. Let it be a balanced venture where we live in interdependence supporting and loving each other.