I sense that Source, God, or the Creator Essence is simply “Loving Presence”.  If Loving Presence is the Heart then we are the Heartbeat.  We move, we breathe, we dance upon the Living Being known as Mother Earth. Through our experience we evolve God.  What is the human really? May I dare say that we are majestic, spirit trees rooting deep into the wisdom of her soils?  Could our ancestors, our wisdom keepers have had a different blood coursing through their veins? Could that blood have been the colour of emerald green, so pure as to have never harboured the poison of fear, ego and judgment? Guided by my Soul, Yendys, I can say that the Soul is a Spirit Tree and the fruit is the human life.

We have the choice now to return to our “inner beings” by rooting into our hearts and into Gaia by returning to Source, Loving Presence via the Natural World. As the world hurtles itself into technology, let us take the road less traveled .  We are at the fork in the road.  Follow the voices in greenery, in the soil and foliage. This is our Home.


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