What was I thinking?

Photo by Craig Gary on Pexels.com
I came here to learn
Back at Home
there was a me
but this me became a
so easily
and this we became
The One
so easily
and there was no fear
about not being a
self without a name.
There was no fear flowing
between a me, a we, or
The One.
The feeling of it all
was the same.
There is no word
for this feeling
but now that I’m here
in this body I know that
this feeling is the total absence of fear.
I came here to know this.
You don’t need boundaries at Home
because no one tests them but here
in this body you are separated into
wrongness and rightness,
punished for mis-steps and mis-takes and
shuttled into accepted or discarded.
When you are labeled it is
seemingly irrevocable.
Fear here in this body is
palpable because all the body knows is
birth and death,
these seemingly irrevocable boundaries.
Unfolding into this world showed me
what Home is,
the absence of fear.
Every time I look through my body
to the clouds rumbling the sky,
the winds of Home fill me
and I bless this place
where punishment reigns,
where bounded bodies project their
orphaned aspects onto other bodies
then crucify them.
This world defines my Home
by being the Shadow of it.
This world evokes a searing desire
to carve my way back
to a fearless place where me
becomes we and we become
The One
and this flow bubbles up
and here
boundaries have no meaning

6 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

      1. Now that’s weird. I tok a break from work and took a look on WP…and as I do, your reply pops up in real time.

        I’m sorry I have to type out slowly…some day I will have to tell you about a story like this poem that I have held dear to my heart for many decades by Hyemyehosts Storm, author of Seven Arrows and Song Of Heyhoka.

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  1. Hey! Someohe in myy Facebook group shared this site with uss soo I csme to lkok it over.
    I’m definitely loviong the information. I’m bookmkarking andd will be twaeeting this to my followers!
    Exceptional blog aand outstanmding designn and style.

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