Messages From the Chrystalene Collective

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Source Torus: Chrystalene Template Consciousness

In 2005 I started receiving uploads from the Chrystalene Collective while living close to Wahatoya also known as the Spanish Peaks: The Breasts of the Earth. I felt their energy as ancient and original. They are an organic, living template consciousness. As living, liquid, crystalline light they can cluster within Source Portals erupting in land formations. I lost their original communications in a move back to Los Angeles. A lovely one is how teachers (as how they presented themselves to me) would eventually become our students. There is a tender and loving interchange of wisdom this way.

The Chrystalenes are vibratory template consciousness that seed themselves within the subatomic playgrounds of Source. They are builder consciousness from the Core Dimension which is the level of creation closest to Source. They build with core sacred geometries of the lemniscate and torus.

From what I remember they had a kind of stiff humor to their transmissions. Or maybe the stiff one was me. They tutor me with ultimate patience knowing I have forgotten much.

Back in about 2011 before I returned from Southern Colorado to L.A., I had a Skype reading with a medium in Sedona. I don’t remember her name but I believe she attended the Unity Church there. She said I had witnessed the Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth and that I married a Centurion. I had gathered with the Holy Women at the 8th Station of the Cross to witness the event. Yes, major PTSD. She also said I was a Wisdom Keeper. At the time, to be honest I didn’t know what that entailed. I think I know now.

1.) In 2005 the Chrystalenes warned of fires, floods, hurricanes, eruptions and earthquakes but specifically said that each person would be in their proper locales even if those locales were in quote “dangerous areas”. There will be pockets of land that are relatively safe. But people will home in on locales designated by their Soul’s Plan. Our souls are here to grow and expand, knowing full well that bodies are temporary vehicles. People, animals, reptiles, insect and tree beings that lose their lives due to these earth changes have pre-chosen to do so and it is part of their pre-birth Soul Plans.

The Earth is being filled from the sub-atomic levels with vast infusions of Source Energy. This is causing a big surge in the Earth Changes we see at this time and the escalation of mental imbalance and violence. Gaia is trying to shake us awake to the existence of Source Love within us by exposing the unhealed imprints of fear and pain. It is said the 3rd dimensional Earth is but a dream by some spiritual seekers. But I feel our 3-D Earth is a very real energy projection of the subatomic original Earth-template that we can return to upon the death of our human bodies. It is a valid projection where polarities are experienced and alchemized through the human body and consciousness. This alchemy is revered by the Spirit Realms because humans acting like earthworms ingest and rarify experience transforming it into “Realized Love”. When unbounded love is realized and manifested forgiveness is possible which loops everything back to Source Heart. The human then realizes there was nothing to forgive in the first place. The Earth plane is a most valid place-creation that is not meant to replace our eternal Spirit World. It will last as long as it takes to play its role in the evolvement of consciousness, the release of fear and beliefs that do not align with Source. It will last as long as it takes to dissolve our belief in Separation from Source.

It is said the Greek Gods dined on “ambrosia” which made them immortal. The Chrystalenes call this ambrosia “realized love”. Realized love, manifested love is a FELT LOVE. Feeling love really makes it real. Isn’t it ironic that a creational world that is not eternal can create a Realized Love that expands and grows God?

The Spirit Realms are not unchangeable. They are both unchangeable and changeable. Spirit is a wonderful paradox. The 3-D Earth is much honored for its ability to alchemize experience: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly into the ambrosia of Realized Love. This is the sanctity of Creation: to grow God, to know our worth, to know and love Self and all others. Our world in 3-D is a much loved part of Source’s Plan because it grows and evolves those in Spirit as well.

2.) The Chrystalene Collective warned of the False Light. The False Light will masquerade as Source Entities: Master Teachers, Angels, Guides etc. But you will know them when they subtly condemn and judge life in the realms of duality. Some of these entities glorify service to self and some pretend to glorify service to others as they build prisons that appear heavenly. They seek worship and followers because they are separated from Source and cannot generate love from within. Source God has no desire for worship or praise or followers. A hug will do. And a lot of folks get caught in the crossfire: they have good intentions and curious minds but get ensnared in the toxic confusion of a cult. (I’ve been there.) We must remember that these rascals are love at their core and volunteered to play mischievous roles to ignite the light in others. It takes much courage to volunteer for these roles.

My personal observation is that an element of False Light is within all of us here in this dimension and is possibly multi-dimensional. It would affect any dimensions that have any degree of duality. It grows larger if punished or ignored. It is a pseudo being-ness created by fear, pain, abuse and anger. Each being must do the inner work of re-claiming these orphaned aspects of Love. How? By listening to their cries to be heard, understood and yes, accepted. Their communications can come across as attacks. They will dissolve in the Hug of your Heart. And peace and wellbeing will be restored. The light of the Divine, Source Realms that is held in our hearts can heal and dispel the darkness of separation, mis-understanding, and mis-takes. The more we rarify our vibrational essence by forgiving and refraining from judgment and punishment, the transformation of the wounded child will proceed. Sure, it looks a lot like chaos and mayhem, but that’s because everything is coming out of hiding now because of the huge influx of Source energy into creation.

3.) Just recently during a Awakening to your Soul Purpose Workshop with Rob and Liesel Schwartz (in May, June of 2021) while doing a meditation the Chrystalenes gave me the living template of the Heart Torus as the energetic structure of spirit working through creation. It was a gift that I write about on this page:

4.) Lastly, I just recalled something that gives a lot of us a bit of sadness: “The Fork in the Road”. Many of us ask ourselves, “what if I had taken that path instead?” The Chrystalenes infused strongly into me that no path goes unexplored or unexperienced. There are parallel selves (other versions of ourselves) that walk down those roads living parallel lives on parallel Earths, Solar Systems, galaxies, universes and even dimensions and densities. So, nothing goes un-thought, un-said, un-done, un-experienced. The love of a child never born, the love of a romance never consummated, the exploration of so much too huge to be lived in a single lifetime. It all gets done. Nothing is lost. For you are Love and can never be lost.

Give your power away to no one, no thing, no ideology, religion, belief system, institution etc. LOVE WON’T ASK FOR IT. How can you tell if some thought, some idea, someone or something is not operating with “unbounded love”? Something will FEEL OFF or won’t sit right in your Soul-ar Plexus. You may not be able to shake a feeling of something feeling not quite right, not an easy or graceful fit or you may feel a sadness or depression that you cannot find an origin for. As for me my stomach hurts.

Life on Earth is but a dream? Tell that to a tree. The most unconditionally loving and alive being who supplies us with life sustaining oxygen without which we wouldn’t exist.