A Timely Message from Yen

By Syd’s Soul, Yen

There’s an energetic script, a guidebook that a Soul writes before it sends a part of Itself into flesh. It is a vibratory program that activates a human life, settling into the human DNA effortlessly and seamlessly along the meridians, timed perfectly as the flow of life proceeds from the pre-programming.  Your talents and abilities uncoil the Kundalini umbilicus that connects the Soul in Flesh to the Soul in Spirit. Up from the tail then bursting out the back between the shoulder-blades, a delicious excitement of tingling pulses out through the meridians opening “Soul Sight” in every cell, and you are spirited away!  A new FLOW sets up guiding you to experience that which elevates your sight and preferences. When the energetic script activates, the nervous system may bristle and burn. (Syd asks, “Is it like a foot that has fallen asleep from lack of blood flow or the cold and then connects back up to its body?)  Indeed, it is.  You are grounding Spirit within the physical. At first being a lightening rod can be a little painful.

Syd has shown some fear of the virus you call Covid and the vaccines being developed to stave off injury and death.  Many believe that the Powers that Be, have caused this unleashing of pain, loss and death upon the populations.  Yes, but only a minority of them.  They hold the belief that they are helping Humanity. But actually in the greater scheme of things they are doing just that. Behind the plan of the Elite, is Source’s Plan.  As the elite are control freaks governed by ego fear, they let loose the Covid.  Little did they know that Covid has elements of the Energetic Script for Mankind within it that always programs a course aligned with the Greater Good of All.  Covid is offering humanity the experience to expand into forgiveness and compassion.  The collective Energetic Soul Script is allowing for great wisdom to be manifested within the evolving human. And unbeknownst to the controllers who are walled off from Source, Covid holds an energetic key to the upgrade of Human DNA.  Both Covid and the vaccines are SURPRISINGLY catalyzing this upgrade of humanity. The vaccines lessen the severity of symptoms and there are those who choose to leap back into Spirit from the infusion of virus/vaccine/underlying medical conditions.  DNA that is encrusted in the chemical chains of fear are upgrading, allowing the collective Soul Script to program unity and compassion into the organic fabric of humanity.  Syd complains of the hurting. As the wounds of separation from Source heal, yes, it hurts.  But as humanity acclimates to the Soul Codes injecting into it, the Silver Lining will emerge for all to see. Humanity won’t go back to “normal”.

THE FLOW of every beloved, human life  is being guided by Soul signs and synchronicities. Covid is assisting the evolving human transit through densities and dimensions. Root yourselves in nature, music, dance, yoga and meditation. Here in the Eye of the Needle, you will miss out on nothing. Whether or not you stay in body with this undertaking, you are safe. You are always where you need to be.  No one gets left behind.  All are honored.  We are witnessing the human progression into spirited flesh without fear.

A message from Syd: The Ego Mind will freak out with all of this. It will try to think its way out of this but it can’t.  The fear comes from this mind, the mind that believes it dies when the body dies. It cannot sense Source.  It will send an endless cascade of fearful thoughts racing at you like daggers, whips and lacerating flames. The more you stay with your breath, breathing in the Soul Pulse of Peace and breathing out anything that isn’t, the closer you will come to witnessing the return of Ego to the wholeness of Spirit. You can dodge these racing Thought Storms by staying with your breath.  Your Soul’s Energy Script is guiding you to a space of radical forgiveness where Fear’s Dream dissolves and we become stars reflecting off each other.

The Dream

“Row, row, row your boat

gently down the stream,

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

life is but a dream.”

This dream is fraught  with

false heavens and false hells

asking for your power and belief.

You feel safe when you believe in

a Force greater than yourself.

Source-Force lives in you and

through you.

Source-Force is not greater than you.

How do you find and connect with

the Creator of All Within?

When you  can truly forgive

yourself and all “others”,

the Dream dissolves.

The Reality of Love remains

then every desire you may have

aligns to the leaping of the Light.

May you flicker within the Flame

and know the freedom of Awakening.

We Are the Prayer

If you know that everything

is happening for the highest good,

if you know all experience supports

the highest good, bringing enlightenment

into all situations, if you know that every

scene in the Play of Life gives one

the opportunity to PREFER a more

peaceful stage to play upon, a more

loving outcome as we tread more lightly

and playfully upon the bedrock of

the Earth Mother.


If we know that we are returning Home

with every step that is taken by this

collective we call Humanity,

we need not pray.


The Heart of Source God is

the Un-prayer.

The Heart of Source breathed us,

prayed us into being and began to beat.


We Are the Prayer,

the Heart-beat of Source


so even as we stumble,

on purpose or by accident,

We Are the Prayer,

all of us, bar none.


Think about it.

Hope and Faith

require a belief that

without them we

cannot return to



We are already there. 

We never left.

We thought we did but

that was illusion. 


We Are the Prayer.

No need to pray,

to be heard,

to plead on one’s knees,

to have hope,

to have faith.

We are the Prayer.

Stand up then and fly.

We are free.

Religions ask us to pray.

To be heard and saved

by their god.

There is nothing and no one

to save. 


We Are The Prayer.

The Un-Prayer

“I don’t believe; I know.”  ~Carl Jung~


The Un-Prayer,

the pulse of Source

in the Silence that sees

Love in everyone

and everything


So in the quiet

Our Hand reaches out

to hold yours

Our clasp tingles

the Universe

into being

and you become

The Prayer


No thoughts

No words

invoking faith

or hope

Just the hug of inner light

inner trust

illuminating your path


True Knowing

True Love

The Un-Prayer


(By Yen, Sydney’s Oversoul)


No More Stories

As a child I was really shaped by the idea that I had to be “special” in order to “be” someone, to be worth something. That is the hardest story for me to shed. My mom groomed my sister and me to be dancers, to be mini me’s of herself. Both of us excelled at ballet, modern dance and jazz and I ended up dancing in the Paul Sanasardo Dance Company. I was able to let Spirit dance through me. When you do that you are no longer a body dancing. The energy transforms you and dazzles and electrifies the movement. One night while I was dancing at the ANTA Theatre on Broadway in 1972, after the show, Robert Joffrey walked up to me and told me he liked my dancing. He was the director of the highly acclaimed Joffrey Ballet Company. I didn’t know who he was at the time but my sister standing next to me knew him as she took classes there on 6th Avenue from his studios. After he left, she said to me: ” Do you know who that was? That was Robert Joffrey. He never tells dancers that.” Her mouth dropped open and stayed like that for awhile. I was still in a coma from a grueling night of transforming into an “energy werewolf” and tearing up the stage.

Later, I said to myself, “Oh my, I’m really in my element as a dancer.” I did find my Spirit Core as a dancer. Long story short, I was only 17 and 18 when I danced professionally and didn’t get a lot of support from the other dancers. One day, on summer tour, a fellow dancer and director of the company raked me over the coals for being late to help her teach a class. It was a brutal experience probably because most of my young life was brutal due to child abuse fueled by alcoholism. I went home, gained a hundred pounds and never returned to the professional stage.

The Story that still is so hard for me to shed is that of being “Special”. My wounded self tells me to this day that I am no-one if I do not make myself special in some way. This story is hideously heavy.

I don’t want this story anymore. My mind tells me that all people are special in their own way. The wisdom of higher mind tells me we are all equal. But my wounded child comes to me with blood for tears telling me she is a zero. I hold her in my heart and she finally relaxes. (The weeks in the hospital when she was only 6, blind from an eye operation with no family, in Switzerland where nurses spoke French above the bandages speaks volumes.)

As a child I knew the freedom of flying through the air over the earth, up in the clouds when I dreamt. I want that when I’m awake.

Can you live without stories?

After I left the professional dance world, I wrote a poem called, “The Light Filled”. I then tore it up and don’t remember the contents.

But I know this. I want to fill with light and I want to see that in the World. I want to see the Light fill everyone.

Can we do that without making stories out of experience?

Just all of us living life without a story line. No winners, no losers, no heroines, no villains. Or maybe we can just ride above the story line, not making anyone wrong or right, good or bad. I have to laugh. I think that’s because stories here on Earth bounce you off the good, the bad and the ugly for a reason. When we suffer our hearts open with a higher form of feeling called Compassion for self and therefore for others. We are no longer just a lone wolf. We are a pack, a tribe, a We-ness. A We-Ness, not a lonely zero within the vastness of existence. We are the We-ness within the Oneness. One for All and All for One. Here we can begin to prefer a level of detachment from the drama, to respond with love and light rather than the knee jerk reactions of emotional responses we have been implanted with since birth. Can we begin to treat each other the way we wish to be treated? Can we see past the pain of a traumatized humanity to relinquish those thoughts, beliefs and fears that lead to a deep unkindness?

If we can detach from the ingrained programming of control from governments, institutions and religions hell-bent on subjugating the human life force we can begin to evolve into a safer and happier world.

I’m beginning to feel a cool breeze on my face as my legs disappear into the flying bullet of my body, a streak of light, a bursting of joy as I fly through loving thoughts posing as clouds.

The Christmas Star

By Yendys, Sydney’s Oversoul

The Christmas Star

is the Cosmic Christ,

the Christ Oversoul,

lighting the path

for the human race to

find the Divine Star

in everyone.

Jesus of Nazareth came to

light the candle of the

Christmas Star within the

Human Heart


The Star of Bethlehem will

shine from every Heart as

the Cosmic Cross dances

the Golden Bow of

the Golden Rule

into sparkling forms

on Earth.

Humanity is growing wings,

becoming Earth Angels.

Sing the golden tones

of kindness to self

and others.

Revere the universe of

another person’s being.

After all, are we not

all of us

Christmas Stars

shining atop

The Infinite Tree of Life.

Sometimes It’s Good to be Unhealed

Sometimes it’s good to be unhealed.

Sometimes the only way to heal someone is to have some unhealed issues yourself.  This universe really has thought this one out.  

I think we are perfectly juxtaposed to each other in our relationships purposely with deliberate intention by a Force beyond our human understanding.  We are set up to evolve.  Ok, let me get to the point. I live with my daughter who has a partner who is an Ex-Con with ADD. (Lucky me) 

One afternoon recently he started to invite his friend in the house to play video games without a mask.  Yes, I’m probably immune due to my Thanksgiving Dance with Covid but I was driven to make the guy go to his car to don his mask. My daughter’s boyfriend told the guy he didn’t have to get the mask after I asked him to do so just to make sure because we don’t know much about the virus.  He was pissed that I was standing up for myself.  Knowing some of his belief systems and his macho tendencies regarding women, I got triggered after he strutted around like a rooster getting in my face, asking me why I was making a big deal out of it.  (Christ Consciousness…not in this lifetime!)  I drew my bow and arrow, aimed and hit all the wounds I knew still festered.  Later I felt bad that I had attacked him verbally. (When the Ascension Train comes in, will the door  close on me?) 

Ultimately, I met him at a level he could understand and he figured it’s too messy to mess with me.  Afterwards, he treated me deferentially and lo and behold got a job to contribute to the Tribe. 

So, while I  bite my nails and fret about attaining Christ Consciousness, my meltdown served a purpose.  My daughter’s boyfriend evolved a bit, healed a bit then what about me?

I have to get to a point where I can stand up for myself in non-reactionary mode. (I can hear Jesus of Nazareth’s soft, gentle laughter in the background.)  He, Himself, showed anger, spilling the coins of the money-changers in the Temples.

Sometimes it takes being a little unhealed in order to catalyze healing in others and vice-versa. This Macho Man with a “record” tested my ability to respond peacefully yet firmly in a positive way and boy did I fail or did I?

Nobody fails at life.

Where-ever we are in our journey home, we are perfectly placed in our unhealed brilliance to assist others and accept assistance on our walk home together.

A friend of mine once said that “Our Higher Selves are already Ascended.”  I feel that this might be right.  Is there a part of our Self that already sits in a flowery meadow with Jesus sharing “the Wisdom of the Christ” within our embrace? 

There is no time, ultimately.  Does that mean we can be both healed and unhealed simultaneously. 

Doesn’t the Wound lead to the Healing?

Maybe there isn’t anyone or anything to forgive in the first place.

Covid-19 Upgrade

Do viruses upgrade us spiritually?  When I got the Epstein-Barr Virus at the age of 39, my life was changed forever.  The natural strength of youth went kaput.  Muscle pain, migraines, brain fog became an everyday thing but something else changed.  I began to earnestly ask questions about the wisdom that always tried to sprout and grow inside of me.  I was too tired to decapitate the spiritual sprouts that would spring from me and there you go, through the maze of fog and pain, I started to again re-connect with my Soul and other Souls. I started to feel REAL COMPASSION for others through my own suffering.  I read a lot of books from different spiritual sources.  I took what resonated with me and left the rest.  I outgrew a lot of stuff and adopted new stuff.

Then along came Covid.  This is a bit different.  Epstein-Barr usually doesn’t kill a lot of people.  It gives you Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for years and decades but it doesn’t kill you except for a few exceptions. So when I got Covid a day after Thanksgiving here in the States I said to myself, “Really?”  Don’t you think I’ve been tampered with enough?” I guess I needed another upgrade?

Would death be a part of it. No, I don’t think that’s in my cards but ya never know. It’s almost been a month now and now I have new neurological symptoms: vertigo, dizziness, nausea and some vomiting so the Doc said he hopes the Post-viral Covid Syndrome doesn’t last a…..long time.  Deep in my Soul I know that death is a natural upgrade for the human life.  And viruses are natural upgrades to the Soul during the human life. Do they affect DNA and if they do, is this an upgrade? I believe so. I believe that Love wills Life to upgrade. A pandemic can affect all of humanity showing that rich and poor, abled and disabled are equally affected, brought to our knees in humility.  Showing us that we are all affected.  No one gets an “out of jail free” card.

We are equal.  We are One. So here I am typing away on the Winter Solstice and tonight is certainly setting up to be stellar.  The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is upon us soon after sunset.  It will be bright and big.  Apparently both Saturn and Jupiter entered Aquarius this last week so I believe we might be in for a showdown. There are some that say this conjunction is the Star of Bethlehem or the Christmas Star.  And since Christmas is just a few days away I can’t argue with them.  Here we have an upgrading virus that makes it so that there is no NORMAL to return to after all is said and done.  And so what is ahead of us in the skies of Aquarius?  Peace and Understanding?  Sympathy, trust abounding…

Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  Love thy enemies…

The time is Now.  If not now, when?