I Follow Your Eyes

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.”
~ Nikola Tesla
The Core is our True Reality,
projecting worlds into Creation.
Dimensions spring into form
for all of us to explore. 
Nikola, I follow your eyes
into the dance of Life.



No Afterlife?

I’ve stopped

treating Heaven

like it’s a destination

my Kingdom come

has already come

my Great Reward

isn’t waiting

for me like a

future prom date

this is my reward

~all of this is the City of God

the hurt ~

the triumph

the ache~

the romance

the loss~

the screaming

the love~

the scents

the heat~

the freeze

the beauty~

the blood

the kisses~

all of it is Nirvana

I’m treating everything

like it is paradise

because it is

I’ve never wanted heaven to be

a place where everything is perfect

because I’d miss my tears

too much if I never get to feel

them snowboard down face again

I’d miss the ways my

scars vibrate whenever

you trace them with the tips

of your fingers

I’m not trying to

punch my ticket

through the celestial gates

because that means

my character arc would be over

and that would

be so anticlimactic

I’m just getting started

I think we both are

don’t forget you come

from the womb of eternity

don’t forget you are were

formed out of forever clay

don’t forget that you are pure energy

& pure energy don’t stop/can’t stop/won’t stop

just like how ~

you don’t stop/can’t stop/won’t stop either

you are endless

so, since you’re going

to be here a while,

my love don’t you think

that heaven would be

utterly boring if it ends

up being just a resort

I want heaven to be a

never ending

library of books

of revelation and secrets

or an endless

path that leads

us from one

mystery to the next

while we hold hands

through the unfolding

forest of the divine

I want this to be heaven

even though I suffer

so much every day

~ but isn’t that just the

price of adventure?

I don’t want a promised land

I just want to make a promise

that every breath I take will never

slip past my lips without me remembering

how much of a miracle this whole

damned experience is

my love, I don’t want to startle you

but I’m starting to think that there

is no afterlife

there is just life

and darling,

we are right

in the thick of it

~ john roedel

The Wound is the Doorway

You are pure Awareness
with very human wounds.
You are indestructible Light,
untouchable and infinite, yes,
but you are also deeply sensitive, fragile,
a human with a tender heart
and unspeakable longings,
and more questions than answers.

Do not abandon yourself for the Absolute, friend,
but do not lose yourself in the relative either.
Just see them as One. God taking shape.
Non-duality dancing as duality,
as the deep mystery of the belly,
the throat, the genitals, the hot blood
and the yearning for home
and the search for union,
and the restlessness and the rest,
and the boredom and the joy of this ordinary life.

All form is sacred here,
since all form is formless here.
The relative is absolute in its holiness here.
Your pain is not an error here but a call to home.
Your sorrow is not a mistake but a movement of divinity.
And even your sense of incompleteness is complete, and your feeling of unworthiness has endless worth.

The old dream of perfection has crumbled.
The old myth of spiritual enlightenment has turned to dust.
The untouchable gurus with all the answers and no human flaws have been swept away.

Certainty has been destroyed by fire.

What is left to trust now
but the belly and the throat, the whistle of the kettle and the pitter-patter of rain hitting the roof, and the laughter of children, and the pressure between the eyes and the loneliness of evening, and the yearning for God and the simplicity of breathing.

The spiritual patriarchy is collapsing under its own weight.
The fear-based notions of how you “should” be.
The sad ideal of bliss and light and only positive vibes.
It has destroyed souls for too long.

A new spirituality is dawning.
One that allows for imperfection.
Healthy shame. Flaws. Not knowing.
Allows us to doubt. To feel sad. To break.
To be groundless yet know our ground.
To be Light yet love our darkness too.
To be Awareness yet maintain our humanity.

A spirituality not of opposites but of inclusion.
A spirituality of the feminine and the masculine working in harmony.
A spirituality of the breath, the dirt, the erotic, the taboo and the inconvenient, the impure and the unfinished and the unknowable.

A spirituality of you, as you are.

– Jeff Foster

Stair Steps

Climbing up from the Highway of Legends, Huerfano County, CO Photo by JW
Photo by JW
Photo by JW

by Janice Walters


Legends abound

but I haven’t found

the knowledge for me

in the steps that I see.


They don’t seem to speak

like the Twin Spanish Peaks,

yet I am drawn to them

like a shiny gem.


Rough in places, smooth in others;

compacted together like triplet brothers.

Perhaps with consciousness expanding

they are stair steps to understanding.


As I gaze at each step

there is a visual duet

between rock and sky

each in harmony reply.


“We’re here!”

–comprehension dawns clear.

Looking only at one,

I had come undone.


Together, not apart,

–that’s at the heart

of all understanding

–no misunderstanding.


After comprehending

all Nature’s blending

I breathe out a sigh;

–I finally heard

Rock and Sky.



A Door is Opening

The East Peak speaks, “There is a light widening into the night
as if a door is slowly opening.
At first, SHE simply dissolved the energetic lock on the door to
the East Peak feeling safe because the seekers had not the eyes to see.
Those born to see are coming of age and some have waited
until elderly to sense the door shifting,
the breeze of the unseen Source Light Beings
finally showing themselves to The Land.
She knows the shadows will start moving now.
Gazing over the saddle between them,
She speaks her Partner, West Peak awake.
He looks over the Land, his eyes chase
these shadows activated now from their hiding places,
coaxed to run in plain sight, blathering their decaying thoughts,
their fear based beliefs as they try to hold onto
their beloved power and control.
Before leaving Wahatoya behind to travel to
The City of Angels huddled beneath smog and
the idolatry of music moguls, Hollywood Stars and
cheap hotels housing human trafficking victims,
I stood at the corner of Main St. and 7th Street which was once
La Plaza de Los Leones
when She spoke to me,
“You can run but you can’t hide.”

Talking to an acquaintance in a Safeway aisle in Walsenburg, I blurted out, “I’m tired of hiding.” The town went dark. The Peaks went dark. Then, I got in my Subaru and got the heck out of Dodge.

Truth is, I went dark. I fell into my shadowlands. It doesn’t matter where you live. It’s about waking up to the Light within you, that knows no death. We have the courage to conquer our own shadowlands. And this lightens up the World. And the Door is opening, spewing out Source Love to challenge those separated from It. We have a choice. To embrace Source Love, to know we are worthy of it right now no matter our mistakes, or we can give ourselves up to the shadowlands and disappear from ourselves.

“Don’t disappear from yourself” ~A message from the Twin Peaks of Wahatoya~




Wahatoya: Spanish Peaks Country

The Cradle

As you leave Pueblo and head down I-25 towards Colorado City, suddenly a great weight lifts and you can breathe freely. I don’t know why I always feel this as I head home on this expanse of Interstate connecting Denver to Trinidad in the south. I feel a bit of pressure as I careen around the steep incline before hitting the off-ramp to Colorado City. I pass by noticing how green this area is. But so happy to get past it even though grateful for the presence of majestic Greenhorn Mountain, an actually pretty jolly soul even with all the churches trying to claim it. My shoulder blades are opening up now as I stream down the freeway, opening up like wings. I think my Subaru will just start to float upward now just because Wahatoya is looming large in our vision. The closer I get the more relief I feel. This happens every time I come home. I take the Walsenburg offramp through the town down Main Street heading further south past the old Courthouse on the right and the progressive Museum of Friends on the left. I make a right on 7th street at the Carl’s Jr. Oh yeah, the wheels have settled back on the pavement and we are skating towards the edge of town where the 160 Hwy begins and makes its trek between the Spanish Peaks, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the South and Silver Mountain, Mt. Maestas on the North. I feel the Cradle start to squeeze me gently in a big HUG as I curve out of town. My cabin is coming up on the right about 3 miles out. It is hidden by Pinion Pine and Juniper trees. Mabel, a tall, proud Pinion stands guard in the front. She is no one to mess with.

I live far away, far away from The Cradle now. I don’t let my roots sink too deep here in the shallow soils of the L.A. Basin. I want to make it easy on myself to pull them back up into me when I suddenly decide to sprint my way back Home. Don’t get me wrong. The land here has flowering trees and waving palms and I do appreciate them and walk in the nature preserves of my city. But…

the air is polluted and the land is packed with desperation, 10 million souls. This is 2022, is the pandemic over? Maybe Covid is on its way out, but a pandemic of homelessness, disease, starvation and war for many is just beginning. Big Sky Country calls out to me for my return. But my family is here. I’m not one to desert family. I wonder, am I still willing to go down with the ship?

If the Ship goes down, her name is Earth. What happens on just one part of Her affects the other parts. Some of the inhabitants of Huerfano County are having dirty water problems. They talk of installing water filtration systems. Lots of fracking has been going on in these parts. Big cities are in your face. Small, rural counties in the Rockies, not so much. Ok, I’ll be on this Ship that goes up. Nothing carbon lasts forever. Scoop me up, Spirit Mother when the time comes.

Coloring Heaven

I kind of know I’m dreaming. I’m on a playground with people that never see me. I’ve tried to get their attention before by smiling and waving but their eyes never blink as if I’m superimposed on their world. The ground is a grey cement, hard with no give. I begin JUMPING. I feel only a mental effort as I sink into my heels. I can even imagine an ache in my calves as my intention thrusts my body up. My lungs don’t ache for breath. That’s a good thing. Pretty soon, the effort I am imagining lessens.

At first my thoughts heave as I strive to break the gravity barrier I am imagining. But as the JUMP pushes me up towards a ceiling it gets easier. I start to float up and hold there for long strings of seconds, before breathless thoughts catapult me down. This air I breathe in up here lightens my thoughts. Each time I JUMP my thoughts can hold weightlessness a little longer floating my body up to just below the ceiling. I begin gulping some new blend of air like a fish at the top of a fish tank. I begin to see waves of color on the other side of the transparent glass. Breathing up here colors everything! I motion for the crowd to acknowledge my feat but again I am anonymous to their world. I wish so much they could join me in the JUMP. Maybe next time?

I really like this dream. Most of my dreams are not in color.

This dream breathes me into a state of being where I can color Heaven.

Photo by u0410u043du0442u043eu043d u041bu0435u043eu043du0430u0440u0434u043eu0432u0438u0447 u0412u0430u0440u0444u043eu043bu043eu043cu0435u0435u0432 on Pexels.com


Turbulence creeping over East Peak of Wahatoya

Janice Walters reminds me that “not all is as it seems”. The Divine Realms and Gaia remain in a place of equilibrium and peace at all times, lighthearted and with a disarming “sense of humor”.

All is Well. We are safe no matter the situation.


by Janice Walters

The sky turned inside out.
Earth cried to be shriven.
The sacrament of baptism
from a cloudburst was given.

The mountains screamed lightning.
The plains cried thunder.
Dikes in the foothills
threatened to break asunder.

Wind took pity
shifting the raging vandal,
ushering in light
from sun’s votive candle.

Gaia laughed heartily
at this stormy time
reduced by naivety
to the lines of a rhyme.

Rough Landing

I’m not feeling very poetic now. My brain is short circuiting and yet I search for words to describe scenarios that float in the vast expanse of wilderness closing in on me. I stop now for a moment to butter Lindy’s english muffin and grab some water. Earth Mother is squeezing me with her messages and here in front of my laptop I will speak for Her:

Those of you with sensitivity have felt the shiftings, some subtle and some not so much. Sydney has a penchant for picking up the infections of my skin and deep injuries to my mantle. She has kept a brave face even though feeling the injuries to her own body as each of you feel because of the injuries, the polluting of my own body. For most of you of good heart, who have loved the Land, this is not on you but it affects you deeply. Those who deliberately pollute and rape me, you will not escape. The time frame to reverse your perverse actions is almost gone. For those who love the Land, be like the gypsies and nomads, the indigenous peoples, learn to pack up and move, pack up and move and you will find a way through the tumultuous times ahead of you. Covid is just the beginning, not brought on by me but by your service to self elite. A cycle of earthquakes in Taiwan and the west coast of Mexico, along the Ring of Fire was expected but will be amplified in the coming couple of years due to the damage to my internal organs. Who I am in Spirit is untouched. The waters are pristine and I am in perfect balance along my eternal spine. I embodied the Earth with my presence, my goal was to ground you in your mortal lifetimes upon my skins. Many of you are grounded and with me so I send this message again. Be ready to be as gypsies, be groups of peoples caravan-ing to pockets of safety with the like-minded, freedom loving, compassion filled populace. For those of you who live in the skies of your spirit, let down your landing gear and prepare for landing. You are strong enough to withstand the turbulences if you follow the messages from Spirit, able to detect those who would harm you and your loved ones and able to group together with compassion with the like-hearted and minded. The next few years will transition the infirm and very old ones. There will be elders who can move and make the trek. They will be those who hear the messages clearly. You will drop the contamination of the Matrix and its cheap, destructive, imprisoning technologies but technologies will be provided that are not tied to deception that will help you. Spirit must wipe clean the negative energies with its upgrading surges of Light. This will not affect those with light heartedness. So, no one goes untouched. Some will find this touch harmful and some will find it uplifting so this is the process of weeding out my garden. And it will happen everywhere. Everywhere. There is a general dismantling occurring now: an INCREASE in divorce, families splitting up, migration, losing of jobs and homes, illness, domestic abuse, mental illness, addiction, restricting of human rights, minorities being attacked and killed, fires, intense and frequent storms, hurricanes and tornados. Spirit and I are stirring the pot, breaking up old negative beliefs and patterns.

A note to Sydney: as an empath you have been susceptible to my injuries. On a daily basis, follow my movement meditations to buffer you and heal you in these times.

Me: Strap in your seatbelts. Put on your oxygen mask first so you can assist others. When you land, be prepared.

Photo by Jason Toevs on Pexels.com