A World Guided by Empaths or ran by Predators: We must choose


I am taking this course to empower myself as an empath. I read Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to be Me” where she has Stage 4 cancer and has a NDE, comes back from it free from cancer.  She has created the Empath archetypes as well as the archetypes for non-empaths and predators. I will let ya know how it goes.

Covid is just the beginning


I am feeling a forboding wave of energy coming off the Pacific ocean. California, get water and some granola bars ready. 2021-2023 is going to have some shaking going on. Already during Covid people have been migrating out of the big cities.  And yet the bigger towns will actually be safer. The new administration is poking China and Russia in the ribs. It will just escalate the simmering animosity. I sense just a big dark cloud hovering over the I-25 especially Colorado Springs and Denver. Never liked the dark murals at the Denver Airport or the hives of military. Be brave, prepare to offer help to others. Seams are splitting. And Covid is not over. It’s just the beginning.


03/22/2021: Two days after I wrote the above, there was a shooting at King Sooper’s in Boulder, Northwest of Denver.

04/5/2021:  I woke up to the jerk of an earthquake at 4:44 AM here in California. It was a 4.0 magnitude centered 1 mile from Lennox, CA. Apparently it was also felt in Mexico. A M 3.0 was also recorded at 4:15 AM.

04/06/2021: Stabbing on Denver’s Auraria Campus leads to lockdown.

04/08/2021: Mandatory shelter in place issued in Boulder, CO following reported bomb threat.


04/12/2021 : I am sensing that many are becoming “unglued”, much is coming up for healing, what we do with “our stuff” will manifest as more violence, insanity or will manifest in our lives as a search for truth and healing. Violence is surging in our country and Michigan is urged to go on Lockdown. I hope they do for the Nation’s sake.

A Timely Message from Yen

By Syd’s Soul, Yen

There’s an energetic script, a guidebook that a Soul writes before it sends a part of Itself into flesh. It is a vibratory program that activates a human life, settling into the human DNA effortlessly and seamlessly along the meridians, timed perfectly as the flow of life proceeds from the pre-programming.  Your talents and abilities uncoil the Kundalini umbilicus that connects the Soul in Flesh to the Soul in Spirit. Up from the tail then bursting out the back between the shoulder-blades, a delicious excitement of tingling pulses out through the meridians opening “Soul Sight” in every cell, and you are spirited away!  A new FLOW sets up guiding you to experience that which elevates your sight and preferences. When the energetic script activates, the nervous system may bristle and burn. (Syd asks, “Is it like a foot that has fallen asleep from lack of blood flow or the cold and then connects back up to its body?)  Indeed, it is.  You are grounding Spirit within the physical. At first being a lightening rod can be a little painful.

Syd has shown some fear of the virus you call Covid and the vaccines being developed to stave off injury and death.  Many believe that the Powers that Be, have caused this unleashing of pain, loss and death upon the populations.  Yes, but only a minority of them.  They hold the belief that they are helping Humanity. But actually in the greater scheme of things they are doing just that. Behind the plan of the Elite, is Source’s Plan.  As the elite are control freaks governed by ego fear, they let loose the Covid.  Little did they know that Covid has elements of the Energetic Script for Mankind within it that always programs a course aligned with the Greater Good of All.  Covid is offering humanity the experience to expand into forgiveness and compassion.  The collective Energetic Soul Script is allowing for great wisdom to be manifested within the evolving human. And unbeknownst to the controllers who are walled off from Source, Covid holds an energetic key to the upgrade of Human DNA.  Both Covid and the vaccines are SURPRISINGLY catalyzing this upgrade of humanity. The vaccines lessen the severity of symptoms and there are those who choose to leap back into Spirit from the infusion of virus/vaccine/underlying medical conditions.  DNA that is encrusted in the chemical chains of fear are upgrading, allowing the collective Soul Script to program unity and compassion into the organic fabric of humanity.  Syd complains of the hurting. As the wounds of separation from Source heal, yes, it hurts.  But as humanity acclimates to the Soul Codes injecting into it, the Silver Lining will emerge for all to see. Humanity won’t go back to “normal”.

THE FLOW of every beloved, human life  is being guided by Soul signs and synchronicities. Covid is assisting the evolving human transit through densities and dimensions. Root yourselves in nature, music, dance, yoga and meditation. Here in the Eye of the Needle, you will miss out on nothing. Whether or not you stay in body with this undertaking, you are safe. You are always where you need to be.  No one gets left behind.  All are honored.  We are witnessing the human progression into spirited flesh without fear.

A message from Syd: The Ego Mind will freak out with all of this. It will try to think its way out of this but it can’t.  The fear comes from this mind, the mind that believes it dies when the body dies. It cannot sense Source.  It will send an endless cascade of fearful thoughts racing at you like daggers, whips and lacerating flames. The more you stay with your breath, breathing in the Soul Pulse of Peace and breathing out anything that isn’t, the closer you will come to witnessing the return of Ego to the wholeness of Spirit. You can dodge these racing Thought Storms by staying with your breath.  Your Soul’s Energy Script is guiding you to a space of radical forgiveness where Fear’s Dream dissolves and we become stars reflecting off each other.

The Dream

“Row, row, row your boat

gently down the stream,

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

life is but a dream.”

This dream is fraught  with

false heavens and false hells

asking for your power and belief.

You feel safe when you believe in

a Force greater than yourself.

Source-Force lives in you and

through you.

Source-Force is not greater than you.

How do you find and connect with

the Creator of All Within?

When you  can truly forgive

yourself and all “others”,

the Dream dissolves.

The Reality of Love remains

then every desire you may have

aligns to the leaping of the Light.

May you flicker within the Flame

and know the freedom of Awakening.

We Are the Prayer

If you know that everything

is happening for the highest good,

if you know all experience supports

the highest good, bringing enlightenment

into all situations, if you know that every

scene in the Play of Life gives one

the opportunity to PREFER a more

peaceful stage to play upon, a more

loving outcome as we tread more lightly

and playfully upon the bedrock of

the Earth Mother.


The Heart of Source God is

the Un-prayer.

The Heart of Source breathed us,

prayed us into being, then we

began to beat the Heart of God.


We Are the Prayer,

the Heart-beat of Source


so even as we stumble,

on purpose or by accident,

We Are the Prayer,

all of us, bar none.


On the Earth Plane

there are many degrees

of separation from Source.

Because of this separation we are

steeped in amnesia and

isolation from Divine Guidance.

In this state of sleep-walking we

need prayer, meditation, hope,

faith and trust.  We need

contact with Nature, with each other

in order to find our way back

to Wholeness.



We are the Prayer.

Let yourself fly in your dreams.

We can be free.



The Un-Prayer

“I don’t believe; I know.”  ~Carl Jung~


The Un-Prayer,

the pulse of Source

in the Silence that sees

Love in everyone

and everything


So in the quiet

Our Heart reaches out

to enfold yours

Our Hug tingles

the Universe

into being

and you become

The Prayer


No thoughts

No words

Just the hug of inner light

inner trust

illuminating your path


True Knowing

True Love

The Un-Prayer


(By Yen, Sydney’s Oversoul)