I tested positive for Covid

On November 30th I got tested and yesterday I found out I was positive. We are a multi-generational household and everyone came down with Covid. One member is a front line healthcare worker so it makes sense that this could happen even under the best of conditions. Living in Los Angeles where the the cases are exploding puts so many at risk.

So far, so good.

I have significant fatigue, tremendous body aches, loss of taste and smell, runny nose, sneezing, no fever, chills, diarrhea, confusion, sinus congestion, sore throat, some upper respiratory congestion. It’s been 6 days since symptoms started and I just try to keep on moving through the day and sit down or lie down when I can’t stand.

I’m 66 with no underlying health conditions except for hypo-thyroidism and fibromyalgia so that’s promising. I’m getting a little sick of talking about myself so I will move on.

There is a greater reason for the presence of this virus. It is a tool to bring out the best in us. This virus tends to break up all the chunks of negativity we’ve acquired over our lifetimes. It gives us the time and place to be quiet, meditate and ask ourselves very important questions about who we are and the nature of life itself.

This virus may have been instigated by climate change and small groups of humans who think only their kind are indispensable. But everything that happens occurs to grow the Greater Good. And that is never seen by small minded humans.

I see compassion flooding the world now. It’s roaring through the streets and towns of every community. This virus brings us to our knees in humility. It uncovers all the hidden agendas much to the relief of just about everyone even the ones who have benefitted through oppression on this planet because even being elite hurts and degrades after awhile.

As we put our heads on our pillows at night, we will dissolve into Universal Love Consciousness and float in the peace and when we awaken we will be just a tad lighter, less judgmental, able to see even the smallest of lights in those we can barely stand to be around.

I do have to say one of the symptoms of Covid is a big dose of compassion. For self and others. We might feel extreme indignation and anger at getting infected but that soon just drops away because it’s hard to take a swing at another when your arms don’t work anymore and the energy is gone.

Even if you don’t get Covid, you might be caring for someone you love with Covid or you are an open-hearted healthcare worker or essential worker putting your life on the line for others. These are huge heart openings happening now.

As my nose flings droplets onto this laptop’s keys, I can say this like a little toddler, “I forgive you, I forgive everyone. I love you. And I love everyone.” It feels so GOOD TO FORGIVE!

I am still having some problems forgiving myself for the times I’ve been stupid and an asshole. Now, that’s a hard one for me. But I KNOW that the stupid asshole has a holy role to play in our awakening as a species.

Source honors the Asshole and the Angel.

We work for Source and it ain’t easy, man.

From me in Los Angeles, to you all over this mighty globe, thank you for being here during this amazing time in our history.

Whether we end up back in our spiritual homes or we stay here on Mother Earth, WE WILL BE OK.

Then Along Came Covid

As I see it, we have a lot of habits and distractions that really waste our time. We watch horror movies, comedies, dramas glorifying or weirdly addicting us to sex, violence and this onslaught shoves us into a place where we cannot feel much of anything leaving us with odd urges to down Burger King, slug Vodka and buy designer sneakers.

Then along came Covid.

Firstly I was scared. Then I went into denial. Then I thought it was a hoax. Really, I don’t care at this point if it was deliberately engineered to try to throw a big wrench into Humanity. Ok, I do care. But I don’t think I am in a place where I can uncover the lies and crap so I will leave that to people in positions who can do that. And they are out there, thank God.

Science is showing us that it is a nasty virus. And I have no problem donning a mask, keeping physically distanced and smiling with my eyes.

I’m a bit of an introvert with extrovert overtones so I don’t mind hiding.

I don’t mind slowing down so I can hear myself think, slowing down so I can make some sense out of my life and what’s going down around me.

Humans don’t know how to relax, just relax.

This Covid thing is giving me a chance to think bigly and an avenue to hopefully re-write my life should I survive. It’s always in the back of my mind, will I survive? Who will pass away and who will not….

I am very grateful that I believe in an afterlife. And I believe that no one dies alone. I believe in our family who is in spirit and that they will be here for us and help us cross over to the afterlife when it is our time.

Being on the brink of possible death really makes one appreciate every little thing. Things are breaking down. People are going hungry, homeless and losing their livelihoods. I can barely stand the intense gravity of this situation. I’ve always given food and $ to the homeless so

Covid isn’t making much of a difference there. It is making me search for answers to questions I’ve had all my life but never had the time to really get into finding answers for them. Kids, jobs, break-ups, depression really gets in the way.

So, now during the time of Covid I am finding myself more connected than I was pre-Covid. I attend Unity Church on Zoom and as a group we really look at life and ask a lot of questions. I kind of feel like a kid again and I’m 66 year old…..yep, but my body feels often like a sack of crony bones.

In the time of Covid, alot of shit is being dug up and exposed. Racism, Facecism, social injustice, Man’s inhumanity to man, animals, the planet.

So Covid, you are a catalyst for change. You are really bringing us to the brink of death before Climate Change does. And you are making us aware how climate change from our abuse of the Earth can instigate new and lethal viruses that tyrants can play with to get rid of the useless eaters and enemies of enslavement.

Both Covid and Trump as president activated alot of change and growth in our citizenry. We put two and two together and then took a stand. We don’t like bullies. We don’t like stupidity and violence. We want happiness, peace and a pathway for our kids to love themselves and each other. I know I don’t want to be dominated by anyone or anything and we got to get down to loving ourselves and each other.

My kids would fight alot. It would get to the point where they would not listen. I would tell them, “Ok then, go ahead and kill yourselves off. Reverse psychology works. They looked at me blankly and then got quiet.

Family of Man, “Ok then, go ahead and kill yourselves off. And if you don’t, Covid might.”

I feel that people are becoming deeply activated to really honor life and honor their paths. People are digging deep to uncover what is most precious in our reason for being.

Let’s wear our masks, practice physical distancing and get rid of Covid.

Everything that happens in life happens to teach us something that bring us home to who we really are.

We are kind, beautiful Souls who want to live in a world of happiness and safety.

So, thanks Covid for helping to change an ugly status quo and cause a desire for change for the better.

The Chakra System and Meditation

Last night I was doing a guided Chakra Meditation when suddenly I felt an urgent revulsion as I got to the point where I had reached the Crown Chakra after traveling up from the Root Chakra and I was being asked to open up my crown (located at the Soft Spot of a infant’s head) to let in the Divine Light of the Universe.

There’s a reason the soft spot of an infant’s head slowly closes up after birth. Anything outside of ourselves is a Created Universe. The Light of the created 3D Universe contains a marbling of shadow that a duality realm is known for. The Light can be beyond magnificent and the Dark can be beyond grotesque and anything in between.

As Divine Beings of Source we have decided to “realize love” and grow God through initial separation from our divine light beginnings. We have decided to create a playground where we learn from “opposites”. These are dramas that we act in playing villain, victim and hero roles in order to finally prefer a playground of compassion and realized love. We fall into amnesia from the bruising of this chosen game but leave the door to awakening slightly ajar so we can follow our trail of soul crumbs back to the Source Door from which we came.

This universe we peer out into is a chosen, necessary projection of our beliefs in duality which is a form of separation from the Oneness and We-ness of Source. And yes, we chose it so we could learn from living in a cage, wake up and set ourselves free.

So, if you decide to do a Chakra Meditation I would think twice about receiving energies and entities outside of you and keep the Crown Chakra as a tool for shining out into the Created Realms the True Love and Light of Source. The Soft Spot will open organically and willingly for Source.

If you decide to invite seemingly divine energies in through the Crown Chakra, they can align with unhealed wounds within you and cause havoc and confusion.

The Created Universe is a polar, Yin/Yang composite where we learn from opposites. We experience the good, the bad and the ugly here until we finally prefer the divine path where we walk in beauty shining from the inside out. Not the outside in.

Therefore when choosing to move through a Chakra Meditation I would direct the energies up from the Root Chakra spilling out through the top of the head like a fountain.

“The True Light is filtered through the Heart of the Earth Mother before directly entering our Hearts. There is a Heart-Chord directly from Her to our Hearts. This True Light radiates from the True, subatomic Spiritual Realms within and is rarified through Earth Mother so that her inhabitants can acclimate, transform and thrive. This True Light then shoots down through the Solar Plexus Chakra encouraging Self-esteem rather than shallow Ego, grounding us through the Root Chakra and simultaneously shooting up from the Heart Chakra through the Voice Chakra enlivening True Speech, through the 3rd Eye Chakra enlivening True Sight and through the Crown into manifested reality bringing True Knowing to the Created Realms.” ~Yendys, my Oversoul~

When you allow Created Light in through the Crown Chakra it can encrust the Chakra System with amnesia. As Source Portals we can feel it. You will feel a sense of alarm, perhaps a nausea or bad feeling in your gut when presented with the false information of duality/separation from Source. Your body knows.

We are Works in Progress: We are embodying Source.

We shine Source into the World from the inside out, transforming it and ourselves.

We are the Heart-beat.

We beat the Heart of Source.

Do Not Fear

Technology is a funny thing. It can expand our physical, mental and emotional horizons and aid in Spiritual Connection (Zoom being used to bring together online Spiritual Communities).

But it can also be used to encapsulate a being who separated from its organic essence (LOVE). Such a spirit-soul composite can survive only so long as a tech-nified being separated from feeling, empathy, compassion and the dance of organic beingness.

The more people embrace life and live without fear, deception and the demonization of their “enemies”, the more they will embody the solutions of a light-filled society.

The people who embrace fear and create the “us and them” scenarios begin to shrivel up into the deep sleep of unconscious infinity. This denial of the loving source of their very being creates an inability to FEEL. At this stage of separation from Love, violence to others begins to become predominant.

Viruses will be manipulated, monitoring of citizens through their Smart Devices and implanted chips will be implemented. Unhealthy emissions from our devices will be used to make us sick and more controllable.

How do we deal with this encroachment on our basic human rights? BE AWARE. Say no and vote in compassionate, awakening people to represent us. Embrace the Source within us. When you do, you awaken to be able to sense the lower vibrations of beings bent on controlling you. The old, frail man who controlled the Land of Oz became impotent when Dorothy threw back the curtain hiding him from his Kingdom. Dorothy then awoke from the Dream of the Puppet Master. The lower vibrations cannot thrive in the transparency of the Light.

As more and more people choose Loving Kindness and connection, only then can the disconnected begin to sense the value and immense relief of re-connecting to their Source. The Awakened create a powerful resonant energy field that in itself awakens the sleepers.

I know that redemption, returning to Love is available to us all because we all come from it.

Each of us can catalyze this return by growing God in our own hearts first. This will give us the “sight and discernment” to uncover the wounds that cause violence and in so doing healing can begin in the “dis-connected”.

We all are disconnected to some degree but the ones aware of it and feel the yearning and desire to return to love can lead the way for others to feel their way back to their Source.

Therefore, do not fear.


2020 U.S. Election

Back in 2016, it was early in the day and I was watching Trump talking on NBC. His energy was freshly unpolitician compared to superior Queen Clinton. As he was talking early on Election Day, I was struck with the huge knowing that he would win. I didn’t vote for either the dems or the publicans yet I was certain he would win.

As of today I am not feeling any of that certainty. I feel the dark underbellies of both parties as they demonize each other, clucking the rhetoric of their common Puppet-master.

We are in a time of the Great Break-up. Everything is being broken up or broken down and examined. This country is on the verge of radical eruption regardless of which party wins the election. Therefore, I am envisioning Loving-Kindness. It is messy. I don’t see the calm of Ghandi-like protests. But I do feel waves of a higher energy washing over us bringing awakening to more and more.

May we all come together, listen and work with each other. Let us walk the Reverence Road, awakening together. One day, a world where we do no harm.

We must be vigilant for the False Light Politicians that will promote isolationist Nationalism or the 1984 One World Order of obedient Borgdom. It is easy for intelligent idealists to fall prey to the philosophical slogans of each Party. We need a break-away coalition of minds free from the two party system where narcissistic elites pull the strings. We must put our focus on the well-being of Humanity and not the subjugation of it.

Growing God

By Sydney Lynn Haupert Lok


Holding the hands of

a beloved

Holding the hands of

a stranger

Holding the hands of

a savior

Holding the hands of

a sinner

Holding the hands of

a mother

Holding the hands of

a murderer

Holding the hands of

the known

Holding the hands of

the unknown

Planting hands into

a pocket of dancing stars

Hands filling up life like

fresh berries in a basket

Seeding the Soul

with Joy and Gratitude

All this and more

is growing God