This time of the Covid 19 virus is the time of the GREAT RE-SET.  What does this mean? It means we can cancel contracts we have with the universe regarding relationships we have outgrown and have learned great lessons from. Others will strengthen contracts that are very positive. Many people will take this time to exit Earth. Many will change places of residence after the stay at home orders are lifted.  Everything will be changed.  People will choose either service to self or service to other.  I would like to believe that we will become more organic and connected in a compassionate way, that we will choose service to other. I would like to believe that we don’t need the level of negativity we have been bogged down with, that we have learned those lessons that negativity ignites.  I can only hope that the majority of humans will prefer love and compassion, unity over polarization after most everything has been broken down by this virus.  This virus may have been purposely injected into our societies in an attempt to control and de-populate by the Powers That Be, but it can be used to non-violently revolt against all that would control and de-humanize. It can be a demonstration of great love and compassion as we realize we are one and the same. As children of a Loving Creator we can transform our societies into loving creations of growth and positive change.  Let us stand in our light and our innate truth. Our power comes from our loving Creator.  Give  it away to no person, place or thing, no group, no religion. It is the forever spark of your being and Love will never ask for it.  Only those disconnected from Love will try to siphon off your energy and truth. Be vigilant.  Stand tall and proud as we treat others the way we wish to be treated. Know that we are infinite beings having a finite human experience.  Let us return to Love.

How Do I find my Way?

“How do I find my Way?”  The Way already knows you.”  ~Selby Lee~

If you are looking for the way….your way in the World, STOP IT!


You simply summon it with your desire for it.  We have never had to find our way.

We have always been on our Way.  The Universe divinely orchestrates our paths and we

are never lost.  Even stumbling off our paths is part of our Way.  We can’t lose our Way

even if we wanted to.  I’m a little morose so let me indulge myself and pick a morose

example:  even if you are murdered or die of a disease, or are engulfed in an addiction,

you are not lost.  There is always

something to learn in all of life’s experiences, especially that we are strong, brave,

infinitely intelligent and loving and so capable of rising above our challenges, even if

those challenges appear to consume us.  Above all, We are

eternal beings having a human experience. The only constant in life

is change, so ride the wave.  We are free.  And we are never lost.


The Golden Bow

Approaching Wahatoya near La Veta, CO(Healing Movement Meditation)

The Beacon of Love pulsing throughout creation…

The Golden Rule in Motion

teaching us to treat others

the way we wish to be treated,

balancing harsh opposites into

the Unity of Love.


As we gently sway from side to side

we flow into the loving loops of Intelligent Infinity

then swing back into the Center-pointe of our beings.

Picture the iridescent Golden Bow pulsing from within

the core of the Twin Peaks of Mystic Mountain.

Allow your self to flow between these nurturing Breasts of the Earth,



This golden ribbon emerges from your heart, forgiving yourself,

forgiving all others, releasing all the traps of

obligation and Karma,

setting us free to the wisdom that there is

nothing to forgive in the first place.

We are all in this together, playing our roles

knowing that all things happen for the Good

to guide us to prefer peace over conflict and violence.


Swaying from side to side,

let go of the lie of separation and fear.

Contrast and polarity were simply tools to

deliver us into the Unity and Peace of Loving Presence.

Embrace your pain, your suffering and broken pieces

for only then can you release them.

Know that pain was a message from Spirit to return to Source.

The blackened shadows that haunt us are

only Orphaned Aspects of Love

shattered and bleeding within us,

asking with their attacks

to be re-directed back into Spirit’s Light.

Hug them back into the Wholeness of your Heart.


Swaying within the Golden Light tinged with Rose,

 let go of the anger that arose out of duality and contrast.

 Let go of the illusion of harm of self, harm of other

and the effects of guilt, shame and not good enough.

Come into the neutral balance of the Heavenly Heart.

Remember now the loving strength of your Spirit.


   We don’t have to play this game anymore.

This Earth Game of “learning through opposites”

is not meant to get trapped in or last forever.

Has your heart finally broken open to hold compassion?

Are you ready to let yourself off the hook?

The Pure Positivity of Love is within us NOW.

Heaven is a state of being.

Embrace it now.


We are always and forever connected to Source and each other.

The Secret of the Golden Bow:

 ~We Are Each Other~