When negativity becomes an addiction it is the real virus that can infect love itself, creating more destruction and agony than any physical virus.  Humanity has been covered in this slime for a very long time.  The Corona Crisis is giving us an opportunity to go within and reset our internal GPS. As children of a Loving Creator we can transform our societies into loving creations of growth and positive change.  Let us stand in our light and our innate truth. Our power comes from our loving Creator.  Give  it away to no person, place or thing, no group, no religion. It is the forever spark of our being. Love and those beings and groups of beings aligned with Love will never ask for it.  Only those disconnected from Love will try to siphon off our energy and truth. Those that treasure their dis-connection always reveal themselves in time.  Be vigilant.  Stand tall, proud and sovereign as we treat others the way we wish to be treated. Know that we are infinite beings having a finite human experience, learning to prefer love and kindness over fear and control.  Let us return to Love and shine out a brand new way of being into our world.

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