Then Along Came Covid

As I see it, we have a lot of habits and distractions that really waste our time. We watch horror movies, comedies, dramas glorifying or weirdly addicting us to sex, violence and this onslaught shoves us into a place where we cannot feel much of anything leaving us with odd urges to down Burger King, slug Vodka and buy designer sneakers.

Then along came Covid.

Firstly I was scared. Then I went into denial. Then I thought it was a hoax. Really, I don’t care at this point if it was deliberately engineered to try to throw a big wrench into Humanity. Ok, I do care. But I don’t think I am in a place where I can uncover the lies and crap so I will leave that to people in positions who can do that. And they are out there, thank God.

Science is showing us that it is a nasty virus. And I have no problem donning a mask, keeping physically distanced and smiling with my eyes.

I’m a bit of an introvert with extrovert overtones so I don’t mind hiding.

I don’t mind slowing down so I can hear myself think, slowing down so I can make some sense out of my life and what’s going down around me.

Humans don’t know how to relax, just relax.

This Covid thing is giving me a chance to think bigly and an avenue to hopefully re-write my life should I survive. It’s always in the back of my mind, will I survive? Who will pass away and who will not….

I am very grateful that I believe in an afterlife. And I believe that no one dies alone. I believe in our family who is in spirit and that they will be here for us and help us cross over to the afterlife when it is our time.

Being on the brink of possible death really makes one appreciate every little thing. Things are breaking down. People are going hungry, homeless and losing their livelihoods. I can barely stand the intense gravity of this situation. I’ve always given food and $ to the homeless so

Covid isn’t making much of a difference there. It is making me search for answers to questions I’ve had all my life but never had the time to really get into finding answers for them. Kids, jobs, break-ups, depression really gets in the way.

So, now during the time of Covid I am finding myself more connected than I was pre-Covid. I attend Unity Church on Zoom and as a group we really look at life and ask a lot of questions. I kind of feel like a kid again and I’m 66 year old…..yep, but my body feels often like a sack of crony bones.

In the time of Covid, alot of shit is being dug up and exposed. Racism, Facecism, social injustice, Man’s inhumanity to man, animals, the planet.

So Covid, you are a catalyst for change. You are really bringing us to the brink of death before Climate Change does. And you are making us aware how climate change from our abuse of the Earth can instigate new and lethal viruses that tyrants can play with to get rid of the useless eaters and enemies of enslavement.

Both Covid and Trump as president activated alot of change and growth in our citizenry. We put two and two together and then took a stand. We don’t like bullies. We don’t like stupidity and violence. We want happiness, peace and a pathway for our kids to love themselves and each other. I know I don’t want to be dominated by anyone or anything and we got to get down to loving ourselves and each other.

My kids would fight alot. It would get to the point where they would not listen. I would tell them, “Ok then, go ahead and kill yourselves off. Reverse psychology works. They looked at me blankly and then got quiet.

Family of Man, “Ok then, go ahead and kill yourselves off. And if you don’t, Covid might.”

I feel that people are becoming deeply activated to really honor life and honor their paths. People are digging deep to uncover what is most precious in our reason for being.

Let’s wear our masks, practice physical distancing and get rid of Covid.

Everything that happens in life happens to teach us something that bring us home to who we really are.

We are kind, beautiful Souls who want to live in a world of happiness and safety.

So, thanks Covid for helping to change an ugly status quo and cause a desire for change for the better.

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