Covid-19 Upgrade

Do viruses upgrade us spiritually?  When I got the Epstein-Barr Virus at the age of 39, my life was changed forever.  The natural strength of youth went kaput.  Muscle pain, migraines, brain fog became an everyday thing but something else changed.  I began to earnestly ask questions about the wisdom that always tried to sprout and grow inside of me.  I was too tired to decapitate the spiritual sprouts that would spring from me and there you go, through the maze of fog and pain, I started to again re-connect with my Soul and other Souls. I started to feel REAL COMPASSION for others through my own suffering.  I read a lot of books from different spiritual sources.  I took what resonated with me and left the rest.  I outgrew a lot of stuff and adopted new stuff.

Then along came Covid.  This is a bit different.  Epstein-Barr usually doesn’t kill a lot of people.  It gives you Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for years and decades but it doesn’t kill you except for a few exceptions. So when I got Covid a day after Thanksgiving here in the States I said to myself, “Really?”  Don’t you think I’ve been tampered with enough?” I guess I needed another upgrade?

Would death be a part of it. No, I don’t think that’s in my cards but ya never know. It’s almost been a month now and now I have new neurological symptoms: vertigo, dizziness, nausea and some vomiting so the Doc said he hopes the Post-viral Covid Syndrome doesn’t last a…..long time.  Deep in my Soul I know that death is a natural upgrade for the human life.  And viruses are natural upgrades to the Soul during the human life. Do they affect DNA and if they do, is this an upgrade? I believe so. I believe that Love wills Life to upgrade. A pandemic can affect all of humanity showing that rich and poor, abled and disabled are equally affected, brought to our knees in humility.  Showing us that we are all affected.  No one gets an “out of jail free” card.

We are equal.  We are One. So here I am typing away on the Winter Solstice and tonight is certainly setting up to be stellar.  The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is upon us soon after sunset.  It will be bright and big.  Apparently both Saturn and Jupiter entered Aquarius this last week so I believe we might be in for a showdown. There are some that say this conjunction is the Star of Bethlehem or the Christmas Star.  And since Christmas is just a few days away I can’t argue with them.  Here we have an upgrading virus that makes it so that there is no NORMAL to return to after all is said and done.  And so what is ahead of us in the skies of Aquarius?  Peace and Understanding?  Sympathy, trust abounding…

Treat others the way you wish to be treated.  Love thy enemies…

The time is Now.  If not now, when?

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