Tribute to Living Angels

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I went in for my first check up at Presbyterian Inter-Community Hospital and the doctor told me how she cared for many Covid patients there. She is a resident M.D. and my grandfather, Sidney Wolferman, a doctor himself, would be happy I chose to see a resident. She didn’t say much but her body language showed me how being with hospitalized Covid patients as family would be with them in their last moments had carved her into a Living Angel. She was a bit tired of being patient with me as she went over what I needed to be treated for as they were hum-drum compared to “need a ventilator, now!” stuff. And yet, here, she was treating me, caring for me, someone who got Covid but had not been hospitalized….I could feel how she wanted to tell me how INTENSE her experience had been but words could not come close so I sat there much like a stone that needed to expand to show her that I didn’t know if I could be as courageous as her, probably not if I were being honest. Coming out of lock-down is rough, not knowing if you will have to go into lock-down again and knowing people, 9/11 amounts of people are still dying weekly……everyone is so weary now and so much needs to be rebuilt and in a better way. I can only hope my doc sleeps in on her days off now.
“A human being does not cease to exist at death. It is change, not destruction, which takes place.” ~Florence Nightingale~


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