Whose Turn Is It?

Is it your turn to forgive me
is it my turn to forgive you?
I can’t remember either.
To be safe we better just forgive
each other at the exact same time.
Here’s how:
We will hold hands
so that your wrist
presses right up
against mine.
And now we wait
until our pulses
match each other.
And now we close our
eyes and pretend
that our veins are
rivers of empathy
and now the seasons are changing
and now the mountains are melting
and now the water is rising
and now the rivers are growing together
and now the barren
space we let grow
between us is being
flooded with stretching
vineyards of clemency
and now exotic wildflowers
are growing everywhere
and now all we know is an ocean
and now we are swimming
in the same tides of understanding
and now the two of us are endless again
and now we are the
newborn children of forgiveness
open your eyes
look down at our wrists
wrapped around each other
and now I forgive you
and now you forgive me
and now I see you
and now you see me
and now can’t you feel it?
~ this rising river
~ this rolling ocean
~ this endless us
this rushing mercy
~ john roedel

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