I cannot help but post the poetry of John Roedel. Each poem opens a window in my heart and I cannot help but share. The poem below is so important. It reminds me that God shares our road through life, experiencing it with us.

Me: Hey God.
God: Hey John.
Me: I can’t get over how sad I am feeling today.
God: You aren’t ever going to get over that.
Me: What? I’m not?
God: Nope. You are just wasting your energy trying to avoid your sadness. Your emotions aren’t a wall that you can just climb over or dig under – they are a tunnel that you must pass through. You don’t get over how you feel, you go through it. There is a big difference.
Me: Will I survive?
God: Of course. Just cross the threshold of your heart and walk right in. However, while you are going in you must keep moving forward. Be careful to not get stuck in the doorway. It’s easy to just stop in your sadnesses and not move. Let it come. Experience your sadness. Embrace it. Listen to your heartache. Learn from it – but keep moving.
Me: Ok…
God: I’m proud of you. Being vulnerable to how you feel takes tremendous courage. Exploring your heart is a feat of courage. It’s an epic undertaking. Be bold. Charting the unmapped wilderness of your heart is your life’s odyssey. Don’t be afraid. Go through your sadness. Go through! Your emotions are a door – see what is waiting for you on the other side of heartache and sorrow. Don’t get over…go through – and you’ll br standing in the sun again. It will be a great adventure!
Me: Will you be waiting for me on the other side of my sadness?
God: No.
Me: Why?!
God: Because I will have been holding your hand the whole time. I will meet you at the door and we will walk through together. This doesn’t have to be a journey you take alone. Your sadness is My sadness. Your tears are My tears. Your sorrow is My sorrow. This is our journey. Take My hand. Come on. Let’s go through the passage of you heart together.
Me: I’m trembling….
God: That’s just how any important journey is supposed to begin, isn’t it?
~ john roedel (johnroedel.com)

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