A Conversation between Little Me and Big Me

So what is this thing called Death? It kinda scares me because I love my hands and feet, my face, my spine, this incredible concoction of molecular consciousness that is infused with my non-physical self.
Say what? Yeah, the non-physical self that de-tangles itself from the veins and arteries expanding into its dreams and adventures when the body sinks into a state of sleep and repair or a state of after death re-cycling. This physical world tells us that we are only these bodies animated by a mind shaped by genetics, environment and experience. When you look at your loved one’s deceased body it doesn’t look like the alive body. Was something eternal animating it? Death is like falling backwards off a cliff. The body falls and you jump out of it pulling a rip-chord, feeling the balloon of your Higher Self inflating with a higher air that lifts you, the “Little You” into the arms of loved ones who have stepped out of their bodies in perfect order to be there for you when it is your turn. The Higher Self takes the “little You” with It. The little You expands into its Higher Self, its Source. The Higher Self never leaves behind the aspect of it that played and danced with so much human expression and energy.  Each human expression rides on the wings of the Higher Self with joy and ease and much abandon.
Syd, dear, please refrain from worry. Embrace the higher knowing you and I share. Don’t scare yourself with nightmares of collision and death. I am here and it’s time for you to remember fully as every year brings you closer to the transition of you into the many levels of your Soul. As you remember how easy it is to live in the non-physical, the fear will drop away. Fear is simply your lack of understanding while animating your physical body. 
I hear you, Yen. I’m starting to get it. I don’t like being afraid. It feels so bad to forget who I am. I set the intention to hold our connection  “all of the time” to who I AM. I am the balloon and I always will be.
Photo by Maria Kraynova on Pexels.com

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