One Heart

bubbles out of its sub-atomic origins

emerging out of the caverns of the formless

and it sits there humming my form from its lips

the form of my soul piles up in layers around me,

One Heart

like children crawling

fingers, hands and feet within

the great big ball of you

they never tire of this

as you disappear beneath the leaves

of their tiny, sweet

little brushstrokes so green

you are breaking out through a door

  pulsing between my shoulder blades

It feels like your lips are poised between them

blowing up my heart bigger and bigger

will I burst?

does that even matter?

there is laughter on the lips of children

their eyes swirl in circles

darting and swerving

like silverfish around me

are they forming my soul?

how can I float so weightless inside your body?

as I let you blow me up and

toss me into the wind

Photo by Filipe Leme on

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