Embodied Wisdom

Photo by Michael Zittel on Pexels.com

From current Contemplative Christian Mystics:


Deep knowing and presence do not happen with our thinking minds. To truly know something, our whole being must be open, awake, and present.
—Richard Rohr  

When Christianity is in any way anti-body, it is not authentic Christianity. The incarnation tells us that body and spirit must fully operate and be respected as one. —Richard Rohr of Center for Action and Contemplation

Ours is a God who sneezed and rubbed His eyes when He was sleepy. Ours is a God who knew longing, heartbreak, excitement, frustration—the full range of what it means to be human. A God who knows what it means to live in a body. —Kate Bowler  

The soul is not simply within the body, hidden somewhere within its recesses. The truth is rather the converse. Your body is in the soul, and the soul suffuses you completely. —John O’Donohue 

The chasm between the spiritual and the physical is no greater than that between a thought and a word. They cannot be disconnected. And it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins, perhaps because there is no such place. —Cole Arthur Riley 

In terms of the spiritual journey, trying to find faith with the intellectual center is something like trying to play a violin with a saw: it’s simply the wrong tool for the job. This is one reason why all religious traditions have universally insisted that religious life cannot be done with the mind alone; that is the biggest single impediment to spiritual becoming. —Cynthia Bourgeault


From two dancer, choreographers who live in Spirit and not Religion:

When you dance, you can’t hide who you really are. ~ Paul Sanasardo of the Paul Sanasardo Modern Dance Company

Imperfectly we grow God in every living step we take. Heaven and Earth is about Love not perfection. Living is Love realizing itself. Living is Prayer. ~ Sydney Lynn Haupert-Noble-Lok who danced for Paul Sanasardo from 1971-1972.

Me and Dominique Petit at the Anta Theater, NYC 1972
Put on some relaxing flute music:

Sit comfortably in a chair or in lotus position or modified version of it. Sway from side to side and notice how your shoulders, torso, neck and head follow a Source Meridian movement, well known by your body. Every time you walk your hips sway this figure eight, this Golden Bow which balances all opposites. Sway from side to side noticing how you witness these golden loopings with your breath. Breathe in the voluptuous air molecules, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Release any mis-ease as it comes up from within your body. Relax into these gentle loopings noticing how you loop into Source then loop into creation. As you breathe, notice how you are the unifying factor.  You are God’s Unifier, aligning Creation with Source Love. Feel your muscles stretch and lengthen. Feel how your breath becomes supple as your lungs expand and contract. The gentle flute music opens your lungs, opens your heart and opens your mind to the ambrosia of your breath which holds all mystery.
Do you hear chirping birds in the flute music? Are they singing to you of sinking into your hips as you exhale, then rising up into your chest, neck and head on the inhale. Follow this vertical figure eight, exhaling as you sink into your hips, releasing all negativity lodged in your body and mind into the recycling arms of Earth Mother, then inhaling the song of your soul as it lifts you into your chest, neck and head. Repeat for as long as it moves you to. When you are ready move the horizontal figure eight, followed by the vertical figure eight, alternating these movements for as long as it moves you to.

Now, center yourself in stillness. You sit on the still fulcrum of the Teeter-Totter of Duality. Breathing gently, know that you hold within you Source God, Source Love. Know also, that Source Love holds you gently nestled within Itself like a Russian nesting doll.  Let your breath bring together your Heart, Your Mind, and your body as One.


Wahatoya, Breasts of the World

Do you see the Golden Bow pulsing from within the twin peaks of Wahatoya?

Note: An ancient culture that embraced the Golden Bow lived along the Eastern Coast of what is known today as China. One of the monks of that time I met in his parallel life as a dancer for Paul Sanasardo and for his own company, The Manuel Alum Dance Company. Manuel bid farewell to his incarnation in his 50’s from Aids.


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