The Sinner’s Knot

Could God have set us up to

make mistakes?

Could we have agreed to it?

Here there are weird kinds of

choices, many that are Catch-22,

slamming you between

a rock and a hard place.

On purpose, the knot just

gets tighter and tighter.

But once you stop struggling and

take your last breath,

you pop yourself out of Time,

you become a free, flowing path

and guess what,

you’re still breathing.

You see clearly now, how you tied the Knot

to plummet yourself over the waterfall

of suffocation in order to wake up

enough to remember

that you chose this imperfect stranglehold

to set yourself free.

So you would know what free means.

Mistakes and imperfection are not the same.

Mistakes grow you into the flow of realized love.

Then you can know of the imperfect perfection

of the beating of your heart.

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