Getting What We Want

by Jeff Foster

We are taught

that we must struggle

to get what we want –

or to deserve it when we get it.

But what do we want?

Deep down,

we are not looking for more ‘stuff’.

We are looking for a feeling –

A sense of completion

A sense of wholeness

A sense of not seeking.

The end of struggle itself.

We seek a state of inner contentment

That has nothing to do with objects

Or money, or achievements, or goals

Or “having what we want”.

We are looking for our true nature

Wild, open, whole and free.

In seeking it, we push it away.

In running towards it, we lose ourselves.

Send your ideas into the ether

and rest now, child.

Dream your dreams and let them go.

Sink back into the moment.

Find completeness in the incompleteness.

Be happy with your marvellous unhappiness.

And rest in your restlessness.

Be perfectly unfinished.

Let go of the story of ‘lack’.

Let go of competition and domination.

Let go of winning, losing, being better.

Let go of ‘letting go’.

Find gratitude for what you have.

And presence in the place where you are.

You don’t need to manifest anything

To be happier than you ever dreamed.

Capitalism, socialism

The material world and the spiritual world

Red and blue, left and right

What you have and what you don’t have

And all the million opposites.

And all that has been written about truth.

These things all collapse into simplicity

And wonder.

Here is the abundance, then:

You, here, breathing,

Alive in this Mystery.

Awake to Yourself.

– Jeff Foster

May be an image of animal and nature

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