What is Ascension?

blur bokeh bright color

True Ascension is going within,

diving into The Core of your Being

Have you flown in your dreams?

Have you soared and plummeted

only to awaken safe and unscathed?

When you leave your body

you enter a dimension

where atoms collapse 

You shrink like Alice

down the Rabbit Hole

into the Underworld

but the illusion of rising into

a projected Heaven is experienced

You rise into the nooks and crannies

of where the physical and astral planes

intermix but actually

you are at the entrance of

the inner side of Source

The physical plane is a projection

a school house for souls to experience

in a land where darkness ignites the light

where we eventually prefer love over fear 

and truth over illusion

To reach the heights of Heaven

one must dive into the depths of the Heart  

to beat the Heart of God 

~Sydney’s Soul, Yen~


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