My Experience with Hollister Rand


Not everyone is ready for Pure Positivity.  Whenever I behaved badly and my history won’t lie, I said with a smirk, “Oops, I haven’t attained Christ Consciousness…doodily doo, la dee dah… Just go to Hollister’s Facebook page and see her latest portrait.  Yep, you bet.


I’m ready. I want that. 

I’m done with “learning through opposites”….dragging myself through the muck to appreciate the flowery meadows.  No don’t get me wrong…that works.  Playing the heroine and then the villainess…no it really has its value but really now, I’m ready to graduate and say “No, I’m not playing anymore.”  That rough ride has been the lesson plan on planet Earth for Millenia if not Billenia. 

I’m taking my responsibility for my part in everything. 

If anything comes up that I sense is negative, I will hug that orphan back into the purity of my heart.  Loving others begins with loving oneself and that begins with Self-Care and the realization that Love does NOT equal Pain.  We will all get to the point where we no longer need to learn through suffering.  Forgive oneself and forgive all others.  I’m letting myself off the hook.  Time out…forgot to take my vitamins.  Ok where was I?  Hopefully on a positive rant. 

My first experience with Hollister was a half hour reading I got from her over the phone on 09/20/2019.  I wrote the experience down in my journal:

“Before my Dad died, when he visited me in Walsenburg, CO in November of 2005, I asked him if he believed in Heaven.  He said, “I’ll tell you if I get there.”  I did a half hour session with medium, Hollister Rand.  She said I had always been super-connected to the Spirit World and I said “Yes, ever since I was a child.”  She said most of my relationships had been with narcissists and I said, “Yep, you’re right.” She said it was time for Self Care. “Yep, I said.”  Then she said,

“There’s this man, who is standing behind this glass sheet.  He says he is your Father.  He says that when he passed over, you weren’t there to witness it.”  (I started crying.  That’s true, I felt such guilt.)  He told Hollister that we had forgiven each other and he told her to tell me I had to forgive myself and that he would be in my life, looking after me. Then Hollister said to me, “Are you really close to animals?”  I said, “Yes, cats and a few dogs.”  She said, “There is this black and white cat who is here to be with you.”  God, this was my beloved Butchie who lived with me in Colorado and died there before I returned to Southern California.  Hollister then said, “He comes through the black and white cat you currently have now.”  THIS WOMAN KNEW THINGS SHE COULDN’T HAVE KNOWN.”

I was so blown away.  I am still blown away.  Other than leaving my body when I was 9 years old and meeting God, this is the most significant event of my personal life.  NOW I HAVE PROOF THAT THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH for our loved ones and beloved pets.  I am not afraid for them anymore or for myself.  Hollister also said that my Dad had a good sense of humor.  He sure did.  Yes, he sure does.  For all of you who read this, I highly recommend this pure vessel, Hollister Rand.  She is the catalyst that will have me following the path of unconditional love.

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