I tested positive for Covid

On November 30th I got tested and yesterday I found out I was positive. We are a multi-generational household and everyone came down with Covid. One member is a front line healthcare worker so it makes sense that this could happen even under the best of conditions. Living in Los Angeles where the the cases are exploding puts so many at risk.

So far, so good.

I have significant fatigue, tremendous body aches, loss of taste and smell, runny nose, sneezing, no fever, chills, diarrhea, confusion, sinus congestion, sore throat, some upper respiratory congestion. It’s been 6 days since symptoms started and I just try to keep on moving through the day and sit down or lie down when I can’t stand.

I’m 66 with no underlying health conditions except for hypo-thyroidism and fibromyalgia so that’s promising. I’m getting a little sick of talking about myself so I will move on.

There is a greater reason for the presence of this virus. It is a tool to bring out the best in us. This virus tends to break up all the chunks of negativity we’ve acquired over our lifetimes. It gives us the time and place to be quiet, meditate and ask ourselves very important questions about who we are and the nature of life itself.

This virus may have been instigated by climate change and small groups of humans who think only their kind are indispensable. But everything that happens occurs to grow the Greater Good. And that is never seen by small minded humans.

I see compassion flooding the world now. It’s roaring through the streets and towns of every community. This virus brings us to our knees in humility. It uncovers all the hidden agendas much to the relief of just about everyone even the ones who have benefitted through oppression on this planet because even being elite hurts and degrades after awhile.

As we put our heads on our pillows at night, we will dissolve into Universal Love Consciousness and float in the peace and when we awaken we will be just a tad lighter, less judgmental, able to see even the smallest of lights in those we can barely stand to be around.

I do have to say one of the symptoms of Covid is a big dose of compassion. For self and others. We might feel extreme indignation and anger at getting infected but that soon just drops away because it’s hard to take a swing at another when your arms don’t work anymore and the energy is gone.

Even if you don’t get Covid, you might be caring for someone you love with Covid or you are an open-hearted healthcare worker or essential worker putting your life on the line for others. These are huge heart openings happening now.

As my nose flings droplets onto this laptop’s keys, I can say this like a little toddler, “I forgive you, I forgive everyone. I love you. And I love everyone.” It feels so GOOD TO FORGIVE!

I am still having some problems forgiving myself for the times I’ve been stupid and an asshole. Now, that’s a hard one for me. But I KNOW that the stupid asshole has a holy role to play in our awakening as a species.

Source honors the Asshole and the Angel.

We work for Source and it ain’t easy, man.

From me in Los Angeles, to you all over this mighty globe, thank you for being here during this amazing time in our history.

Whether we end up back in our spiritual homes or we stay here on Mother Earth, WE WILL BE OK.

One thought on “I tested positive for Covid

  1. L.A. is about ready to go into “Stay at Home Order Mode”. Vaccinations will be here in a week or so for healthcare workers and facilitiies that house the elderly and disabled. And there is the Bond Fire creating evacuations affecting thousands of people in Orange County. God Bless Us All!


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