Tree House

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Why do kids love to climb trees? Why do they dream of living in trees?

Duh, it’s fun! But it’s something else too. Ancient Hominids climbed and lived in trees to escape land-roving predators.


But trees are more than just safety nets and providers of shade. As I spell out the English word for this “being”, the word I have seen and spoken for so long now, I look at the spelling and I don’t recognize it. Why did we choose this string of letters or symbols to describe a being so elegant in its organic clothing? I sound the word and the sound finally feels right to me, close enough. Whew!


Life is light and sound vibration coalescing into form. What is this vibrant creature growing straight out of Earth’s Womb?


Courtesy of Amber Billings    “Tree Nymph”

The Na’vi People in the movie by James Cameron, Avatar honored and nurtured their Trees. Their lives revolved around and dipped into them. The Trees were named “Home Tree”, “Tree of Voices”, “Tree of Souls”.  Eywa, the guiding force on their planet, Pandora, kept the eco-system in balance. I see her as being the essence of Gaia. The Na’vi could hear the voices of their ancestors through neural queue contact with the Tree of Voices. The Tree of Souls was the direct connection to Eywa and the ancestors of the Na’vi people.


Back on Planet Earth I feel a similar connection to our Earth Mother through our Trees. Could our Trees be houses or hotels for our departed? Or at least, our “phone home” tool? Our departed in Spirit would have to have an organic tool with which to communicate. I can see them gathering deep within the green sap energies, lounging in the veins of leaves, feeling the tease of wind and rejoicing in organic clothing.


The root system of Trees connect with each other, sharing their being-ness and heart beat. We as the Family of Man need to follow their example in order to not only survive but thrive. As we breathe out, Trees breathe in, cleaning our atmosphere. They are a big answer to the Climate Change we are experiencing by turning our carbon emissions into oxygen. It’s time for all of us to become Johnny Appleseed’s!


But first, FEEL A TREE


They are very outgoing and friendly beings. If you can feel the essence of a tree, you will be feeling the essence of your Soul, of who you really are.


Yes, Trees may house the spirits of our departed as they seek to dip into our world and communicate with loved ones. Of course Spirits can come through all of Nature to hang with us.


Apart from that, if you can feel a Tree, their emerald energies can heal the human body of all sorts of ailments. I think the Tree-huggers are on to something.


Quick meditation: Lie down on a comfortable mat or even your bed. From the Earth, from the roots of Trees around your dwelling, feel the green sap filled with chlorophyll enter the soles of your feet traveling up your body, invigorating every cell and organ, cleaning and healing every injured atom, restoring it as this green stream rises up through your legs into your pelvis, hips, internal organs, torso, arms, hands, up along the spine into the neck and head, enlivening every neural pathway. Feel the green settle into all that you are. It has always been a part of you. Let it now hug you into wholeness.


Is your Heart smiling yet?



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