Growing God

187124131_10227009951145834_5095726021215687060_n (1)

“We grow each other.” ~Robert Porta


Trees can show us humans how to be. They can show us how to grow God.

“The thinner tree was cut years ago and the big one has been holding and feeding it since then. They “wake up” together in the spring and “go to sleep” together in the autumn.”  ~Steven Pacheco~


The thinner tree elicits a service to other response from the big one, drawing out compassion and a sense of oneness with the special needs tree, a sense of walking in another’s roots (albeit the thinner tree has none). In return the big one receives a big hug of companionship, gratitude and a new view of life. Now, that looks like love to me! It reminds me of my relationship with my daughter, Lindy who has Down Syndrome.



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