The Chakra System and Meditation

UPDATE 7/10/2022: I see Source as an infinite Torus Heart. As Source Portals, as Source Torus beings, we have been circulating Source Energy throughout the Created Universe and in so doing we have cleared a lot of negativity. Source Torus Beings in other galaxies in the Created Universe/Multiverse have also cleaned up their playgrounds and have catalyzed our awakening. It’s not just us and our Earth Mother. Source Light makes the shadowlands seem darker at first. Violence is erupting now more than ever before because the gaping wounds of the orphan are crawling out of hiding to display their pain asking for healing. They are now asking for healing even though it doesn’t seem that way. And now in their asking they can be healed. And as this healing happens the shadowlands can begin to merge into this brilliant Source Light. Creation is returning to Source. We can now begin breathing in Source Light from Creation, from what seems to be outside ourselves because nothing truly is. As the shadows of Creation are healed and welcomed home, we can open our crowns to incoming Source Light and allow that Source Light to mingle with Earth Mother’s Source Light in our Heart Chakras. And when we are in our hearts we are home.

11/21/2021: Last night I was doing a guided Chakra Meditation when suddenly I felt an urgent revulsion as I got to the point where I had reached the Crown Chakra after traveling up from the Root Chakra and I was being asked to open up my crown (located at the Soft Spot of a infant’s head) to let in the Divine Light of the Universe.

There’s a reason the soft spot of an infant’s head slowly closes up after birth. Anything outside of ourselves is a Created Universe. The Light of the created 3D Universe contains a marbling of shadow that a duality realm is known for. The Light can be beyond magnificent and the Dark can be beyond grotesque and anything in between.

As Divine Beings of Source we have decided to “realize love” and grow God through initial separation from our divine light beginnings. We have decided to create a playground where we learn from “opposites”. These are dramas that we act in playing villain, victim and hero roles in order to finally prefer a playground of compassion and realized love. We fall into amnesia from the bruising of this chosen game but leave the door to awakening slightly ajar so we can follow our trail of soul crumbs back to the Source Door from which we came.

This universe we peer out into is a chosen, necessary projection of our beliefs in duality which is a form of separation from the Oneness and We-ness of Source. And yes, we chose it so we could learn from living in a cage, wake up and set ourselves free.

So, if you decide to do a Chakra Meditation I would think twice about receiving energies and entities outside of you and keep the Crown Chakra as a tool for shining out into the Created Realms the True Love and Light of Source. The Soft Spot will open organically and willingly for Source.

If you decide to invite seemingly divine energies in through the Crown Chakra, they can align with unhealed wounds within you and cause havoc and confusion.

The Created Universe is a polar, Yin/Yang composite where we learn from opposites. We experience the good, the bad and the ugly here until we finally prefer the divine path where we walk in beauty shining from the inside out. Not the outside in.

Therefore when choosing to move through a Chakra Meditation I would direct the energies up from the Root Chakra spilling out through the top of the head like a fountain.

“The True Light is filtered through the Heart of the Earth Mother before directly entering our Hearts. There is a Heart-Chord directly from Her to our Hearts. This True Light radiates from the True, subatomic Spiritual Realms within and is rarified through Earth Mother so that her inhabitants can acclimate, transform and thrive. This True Light then shoots down through the Solar Plexus Chakra encouraging Self-esteem rather than shallow Ego, grounding us through the Root Chakra and simultaneously shooting up from the Heart Chakra through the Voice Chakra enlivening True Speech, through the 3rd Eye Chakra enlivening True Sight and through the Crown into manifested reality bringing True Knowing to the Created Realms.” ~Yendys, my Oversoul~

When you allow Created Light in through the Crown Chakra it can encrust the Chakra System with amnesia. As Source Portals we can feel it. You will feel a sense of alarm, perhaps a nausea or bad feeling in your gut when presented with the false information of duality/separation from Source. Your body knows.

We are Works in Progress: We are embodying Source.

We shine Source into the World from the inside out, transforming it and ourselves.

We are the Heart-beat.

We beat the Heart of Source.


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