The Graduation, A Conversation

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Yendys (Syd’s Source Self),
There is no Higher Mind at the Source levels. At the levels of creation there is “Mind” as this is the interface used to create with. As long as “Mind” is connected to the Source Heart, creation is loving, flowing and a joyous experience. When “Mind” becomes disconnected we can call this free roaming, rogue mind, ego. Ego has taken over the realms of “Mind” in 3D existence causing much suffering and separation. But it is also a door. If you face it, open it, the fear of its essence drops away revealing what is true…Love.  It is very hard to even consider the ego as being part of “your Soul’s Plan” but it is.  Why? Remembering the HUG of Love after forgetting it, amplifies its essence light years so to speak. You forget at birth that you are more than your bodies/minds/egos. When you begin to remember the dancing Soul at the center of your being, the Soul’s Plan becomes more clear to you. What causes this remembering? The very forgetting and rejection of love causes a simmering rebellion which emerges as FEELING then this very “feeling” guides you back to love.  FEELING is a gift you give to your Soul, a major purpose to your existence. You live to FEEL. This feeling expands the KNOWING of SPIRIT. Indeed, you are Earth Angels in your scope and purpose. As you grow in compassion, connectivity, acceptance, gratitude, courage, self-love and unconditional love you realize these are “feeling attributes”. These are badges of Courage. This can only be done in your worlds of form (creation). As you grow in these divine virtues, you GROW GOD. Those of us in Spirit who never dive into the earthly planes can then be infused with this FEELING and experience what you pioneers have directly experienced. That is why those who come into the 3D realms are honored. After the experience of being dis-honored, mis-understood, rejected and harmed it is almost impossible to fully embrace un-conditional Love. The trick is facing the fear, the closed door and knowing that there is no lock on it. As the forbidden door opens, the love courses back into the body, enlivening it, establishing an umbilical connection. Syd almost monthly comments, “Oops, haven’t reached Christ Consciousness yet.” (Sarcastically stated, of course.) But lately she has been walking the path of “letting go”…simply surrendering enough to really understand on the Heart-level how every human has suffered from pain and amnesia, spreading this virus to others unconsciously as the discomfort of this virus is greatly eased and reduced through the unleashing of its viral load of anger and harm on self and others. By remembering and embracing Heart Source one can recover from this virus.  For some, this might be impossible to do during their physical incarnations. This could be seen as a dilemma but there is a higher signature always at work here: The Higher Signature of the Heart. The Heart is far more intelligent than the Mind. In fact, there is no Higher Mind. Source is Heart Consciousness and is infinite in its Knowing and Wisdom. The Earthly Plane expands the Heart but many of its warriors seemingly get lost in the challenges present in your density. Each of you know that you may not reach the “finish line” before exiting your incarnations. Rest assured, you are revived and fully restored with full recall of the wisdom gleaned from creation when you return to Spirit and then glow more brightly than ever before.  Nevertheless, it is timely now to address the transmutation of the Earth School and related off-world schools that are 3rd dimensional. The school is winding down as in Syd’s terms, “It couldn’t get much worse.”  
Yen: Earth is a Soul and therefore has her own pre-birth plan. She is in the process of dismantling and so are many species upon her soils returning to Spirit. This is not a failure. This is a GRADUATION. This will seem at times both sudden and gradual to you. But even you feel the escalation of this dismantling. This dismantling should not be seen through the lens of sadness but seen as it truly is: A graduation of all species upon the Earth Mother’s soils and seas. The Graduation has begun. (Syd hears her father, John whispering…”celebration”.  She whispers back, “Easy for you to say.” Syd loves her life, her body, her children, friends, the world, the people, the animals, the plants, the all of it even though it is often difficult. And she knows the physical is slowly winding down having accomplished its purpose.
Syd: What? It’s accomplished its purpose?
Yen: Yes. It has ignited the flame of FEELING.
Syd:  So how long in earth years will this take? Sylvia Browne stated she saw nothing after 2099.
Yendys:  That’s just one timeline. Life is a Surprise Party.
Syd: Oh, great… I’ll just focus on the good ones then. All we need to know is that everyone is happy at a Surprise Party like a birthday, anniversary. When you expected no one to celebrate your birthday, all your friends show up, raising their glasses to you. That’s all that matters.
Syd: What about our solar system, galaxy, physical universe?

Yendys (Syd’s Source Self): The Universe was born with the great thrust of “The Big Bang” just as your mammalian species are born. The Universe will slowly fade, seemingly disappear yet it will be recorded, imprinted on the Spirit level to be experienced by those in Spirit that honor the 3D experience and can continue to “grow God” through its living, spiritual template.

Syd: I am so tired. Exhausted really. The Service to Self level of consciousness here…ugh… still beating themselves and each other up. Judging, Condemning, torturing, executing each other. The fear here. The hell here. And a trickling stream of service to self still orphaned within me…

Yen: You are AWARE of this level of ego within you. At this level and as you continually cast your gaze upon it, it will diminish even further so at the time of transition back into Spirit, it will become non-existent.

Syd: Well, that’s a relief. Thanks for the conversation, Yen. Your energy enters me, revitalizing me, helping me to remember who we really are! I love the tingle of Heaven, of Spirit within me when you come out to play!

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