Shining the Truth of You

You are looking in the mirror. You see the good, the bad, the ugly because eyes see those things. And after all eyes just see the mask you are wearing. They were designed that way. The Eye of your Heart is different. It shines an essence that is the truth of you. And when this Eye opens and shines your essence, it can crack a few ribs, then the mask like a muzzle rattles, groans, moans then plops off. The mask is kinda like a drama queen but when it drops off, you are left with a major shine-thing going on. Truth has a way of doing that. When the mask falls you become truth. Funny thing about truth, it finds itself in everyone and everything. It knows your intention, your feelings without condemnation or judgment. Only masks condemn and judge. When truth shines on Covid, we will know that a virus was weaponized by masks because masks do that sort of thing. There are lots of masks on the planet that weaponize just about everything. The eye of my heart is getting its shine-thing on. And this shine-thing is more contagious than any virus. When our masks fall, we can take the muzzle off of our Earth Mother. It’s been a while since she’s gotten her shine-thing on.

Photo by lucas souza on

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