Falling into the Arms of the Beloved

uploaded from J of N (Jesus of Nazareth)

The Ascension is more of a submerging.

It’s a falling into your Core like the dream of falling but you never hit bottom because in essence you are truly sinking into the infinite Core, the Heart of You.

The concept of the Christ Without or outside of you displaces your power in a “Higher Self”. This self becomes un-attainable even when you submit to it, for it is not real.

Everything is within projecting outwards extending its circumference, a never-ending God Mandala.

The Christ Within is your “Inner Self”. This Self is the Beloved.

The human mind has a predilection for opposites. It is truly troubled by Paradox. It struggles to hold opposites as One. Falling and Rising are truly one. Falling into the Core is truly flying into the Sun.

Transitioning back into the non-physical realms at so-called death, there can be a sense of falling, but it truly is a simultaneous contraction/expansion, a -369 degree correction, a pulsing, energetic heart-beat placing you back into the dwelling place of the non-physical Core Dimensions or the many mansions of Heaven described in the Bible. Even during our brief lives on Earth, on the inbreath we embrace physicality and on the out-breath we embrace our non-physical, infinite essence.

There’s a sense of a bubble popping then you are outside of it. Free. Truly though, could you really have arrived on the inside of the Within Realms which have no limits or limitations?

Releasing your embrace of the physical realms is an act of pure trust, falling backwards into the arms of the Beloved.

You literally have to not rise to find the Path but fall into it with complete trust to find it.

Then wings sprout to fly you through the infinite depths of your core.

This is the true rising to your path.

As the Earth Mother curves in space so do you circumscend with Her.  Circumscension is a simultaneous contraction/expansion, a pulse that locates you simultaneously in both Time and Timelessness.

There are no straight lines in the Within Realms, where the Beloved beats peacefully within The Heart.

There is nothing to ascend to nor descend to.

Circumscension is a falling backwards into the arms of the Beloved.

We don’t fall from Grace.  We fall into Grace.

We circumscend into the arms of

the Christ Within.

Photo by Kseniya Kopna on Pexels.com

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