Healing Fear

Gianni Crow

I was very young when Someone called me “Sinner” I got curious because in our language there no such word so I decided to ask my grandfather about it, he said; there is no such thing, our consciousness does not recognize this kind of words because it was made to manipulate and put guilt in our hearts, there are no sins what we have is choices and sometimes we make mistakes. Fear is what people use to take away your freedom, do not allow anybody to do this to you again grandson.-GC
Sydney Lynn Lok:  There are great forces of manipulation here at work with the Covid. The upper crust of billionaires are getting quite rich off of the covid debacle as we in fear give our power away….but I don’t fault us…we are not being shown the truth and the people who deliberately try to make us afraid are so fearful themselves. To heal fear one must summon the courage to open the door which is shrouded in fear only to find one’s Source Self where upon the love one encounters can spark unbounded compassion for self and others.  You can listen to “The Healing Fear Movement Meditation” below:

The Healing Fear Movement Meditation


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