So What’s Real?

As I write this it is raining in Southern California. I hear the pitter-patter. I feel the wind sweep past me. My cat is licking my fingers as I type away. I am musing about the rarity of rain in So-Cal. So is this really happening? Is this real?

So what’s real?


I’m tired of the dream thing. There are no dreams. There are no illusions. No hallucinations. No this is real. This is not.

What you experience is real. I don’t want to hear religious and spiritual narratives about this. I’ve heard them. I’ve believed them. Yes,  I’ve made them real.

And then a nagging feeling jabbed into my ribs like how it feels when you are hugging a tree and the hug is of love but boy does that bark dig in and make you feel the texture of its reality in the realms of experience. Still, some believe experience is not real.

I have bought into the gurus, prophets, spiritual experts spouting that life is but a dream. It’s not real. It’s the source of all suffering….blah, blah, blah. Well, I guess that’s real for them. They make it real.

I am turning to my deepest feeling part of me. What do I know. No, what do I feel?

Spirit is feeling through all of life. Spirit grows this way by feeling into and through life itself. Spirit creates living dimensions in which to feel every infinite flavor it desires, so…curious…so delightfully curious to know, no, to feel the flavors and textures It can become.

The mind will capture spirit, tangling it into a web of dead thoughts. The mind is not needed to teach you to fly. We know how already, just waiting for the perfect moment to release gravity and soar.  Don’t worship the mind. Let it fall away for it is the mind that gives the Soul’s power away. We made the mind real so show it what it does best. Let it set up computer programs to turn salt water to drinkable water, let it file your papers and do your taxes.

I would rather be sitting under a flock of trees than chanting away myself into the arms of an “enlightened master”. What? There is no Self, you chant? There is only the One?  Look again. No, feel again. Spirit feels in plural. It feels in the We. We feel each other. We feel ourselves through each other. And yes, we can merge with each other and feel our truth as the One.

Do we write out our story lines before we are born? Do we plan possibilities like accidents and surprises? Do some jump in with a weak script? How do these questions make you feel? Yes you, beautiful Soul.

Question everything. We live in a world of smoke and mirrors. Nothing is as it seems. Sink into the driver’s seat of your heart. Feel out the truth of you. Feel out the truth of us.

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