The Meeting Place

Spirit is like a balloon.

It seeks to expand itself through

our experience. It seeks to feel itself

through our senses. It seeks to leave itself

in order to return to itself

because it wants to

see itself,

every nook and cranny,

for the very first time.


Nothing ascends or descends.

It just breathes.

Spirit seeks to grow itself

through our senses.

It seeks to grow through us as we

seek to grow our way back to Spirit.


We meet in the unclimbable Spiral between

Creation and Creator

and it is there that we change places.


We circumscend  into each other’s arms

between dimension and non-dimension.

There is only the swirl of our dance

finding its still-point in union.

There is no ascension. No descent.

Here we join in the Meeting Place

between Spirit and Flesh.

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