is a flowering out

an eruption of God-sweat scents

spiraling out from

the inner core is-ness

of your essence


your soul signature is sensed

in the hues of your aura

the moist steam swirling

as your divinity speaks

through you flying out

 free like silver stallions


feel this inner pulse seep

into the outer coagulations

of your play-times

can you feel the play-grounds



the mutating virus of fear dissolves

as we awaken to

the sprouting of spirit

easing the brutal backdrops

of a bipolar world

the cataracts of separation disintegrate

allowing true sight to form

a gentler world


our laughter erupts

pinging off jubilant stars as we

infuse the God-sweat of kindness

into a new world forming

layer upon layer

from a fetal seed

seeking its expression as Love



Photo by Akil Mazumder on

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